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Yeah it's a it's a good place a good place in the ability to i mean the staff that has come and gone to cultivate the regular staff. That is the regular clientele. It's their right now. So fucking impressive yeah. It's so impressive. The amount of people that have come back there that moved away and still wanna come in and like you know it's it's it's just there's something special about events just one of those best bars like bars that have it. Have that intangible thing that makes you just want to go and spend time there secret is we have no back of house. We have no front of house. It is just a bar. Yeah that's true. Yeah we have a patio but just a bar. Yeah i mean. We don't have popcorn right now. I missed the popcorn. It's gonna come back. I don't miss cleaning. Oh my goodness bob born was in today really really. Bob is still alive and kickin like he's going to outlive us all. Probably he's seventy seven years old. Wait so why did the popcorn disappear. Cova coleman covert is in the height of kobe. You didn't really want people digging around in popcorn into a big also. I don't want to serve everyone. That wants popcorn popcorn. That's not yeah that's true. You need to earn that privilege. It's a right it's a privilege it's so funny in like a bar setting the people that most need. The popcorn are probably the least cornish because there could be an awkward Worst that is ben me at one point in time. Go to one up and go. Oh no i never. I never even try and catch it in my mouth might am. I like hand eye. Coordination is and you should see these kids. you know. we have the little Boats yeah popcorn loaded up they take it to their table and their friend just goes yup knocks it right out of their hand. Possible goes everywhere. I will say this. And i think alex you'll probably test as well the thing though is that The popcorn kind of soaks up on that list popcorn over the floor kind of so spilled booze end of the night united need degrees eighty percent humidity that it is but you sweep the popcorn and that just like takes care of all the booze it was built as well say you have to shampoo the carpets less and more. I don't know anything man. Dan quayle dan shampoos. Those carpets way too frequently. And i love him for it. That bar smells so goddamn good. Every time i walk india you would never know buyer higher for a bar that Like i have cleaned up vomit. Really weird places in places as does smell really good. It does every time they never smells like still no like like like old beer..

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