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A man stole a woman's car this afternoon or able at gps trace it to the hotel where the man had barricaded himself added to others in a room a girl was let out of the room earlier the suspect any woman are still in the room as we speak police say they are treating the woman as a hostage no word on what the motivation shen behind the situation is or if the man and the woman are known to each other crisis negotiation units many high county sheriff's deputies sioux falls police name it's they are on the scene jobber the man who flash guns in a facebook video saying be scared after he was told to leave a christian seminar at a suit falls motel split guilty to possession of a firearm by a prohibited person he's now facing up to ten years in prison and a quarter million dollars in fines sentencing will be the later elsewhere it's clear now that both republican candidates for congress in south dakota are not afraid of rattlesnakes we have a video at kelocom of dusty johnson killing a radler with an ax at eighteen camp in the black hills i equal time for shanteau craves last august she posted a video of are holding up the rattlesnake she shot outside her home near pierre from kelocom new center i'm mark rousseau finally stay climatologist laura edwards says don't expect any drought relief anytime soon looks like conditions will last into on guest from the kelocom news center i'm mike leshner the new rooms never stops kelo newstalk 1320 1079 weather by fit my feet summer clearance on many sandell cells find your comfort no.

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