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And they can talk about the avoid and be engaged in the platforms. You mentioned that you went to university on a scholarship to the UK. Did you notice a big difference in the way that you were treated in the UK as compared to Pakistan? Yeah. That was like a huge difference because they have to invest accessibility for persons with disability. I can go anywhere with my dignity when I land it in the airport than four people have to carry me down from the plane because then there is no accessibility over there. So that's the mean thing like how you're enabling the environment for person with disabilities. Now we are talking with the government very luckily with the site savers, but different stakeholders we will manage to get the first ever accessibility or it of the parliament House. We are translated the constitution of Pakistan in the Braille so people get that understanding. You've made real achievements, you know. You've really made concrete achievements, both with translating the constitution into Braille. Also, you're working to get the census to actually count people with disabilities. What difference will that make? Yes, that will make a huge, huge difference because now we are not accounted for the country. People don't know doing the disasters, any situation they are not making of a plan because they thought we are not the counter people. It's only ten to 15%, but Pakistan is also .1 to three important to do a complete sentence and include the person with disabilities there. Thank you very much indeed for sharing that with us. And that's all we've got time for today. Thank you very much for your company. I hope you can join us the same time tomorrow. That's all for today's woman's hour. Join us again next time..

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