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Well what are we done faster Yesterday all the same like it said on monday or tuesday to da da. Da berthiaume these days. Nothing is normal. Everything is weird but you could still say big when you switch to progressive that won't change not to progressive dot com prescription. This is america's sports talk. Show sports byline. Usa here's ron bar. More senior is with us here on sports byline. We're talking about his opportunity to become a head coach in the national football league with the new orleans saints. The team was sold to tom. Benson in may of nineteen eighty five for seventy million dollars. And then jim started in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. But when you hear that seventy million dollars for an nfl franchise you have to shake your head and laugh a little bit. Don't you jim for now for sure. Nowadays i mean he got her heck of a bargain and that deal also for those people. That may not be familiar. With that time you spent the first off season remaking the saints roster You were convinced. Several players from the usfl to come down to new orleans and play for the saints. The imports included linebacker. Sam mills and vaughan johnson who went on to form the inside tandem of what was the legendary dome patrol linebacking core with veteran rickey jackson. Drafty pat swilling on the outside. You inherited quarterback bobby abeer and receiver. Eric martin from bump phillips and you drafted running back reuben maze and tackle jim dombrowski. Tell me what your philosophy was. Taking over that franchise that was in such bad shape when you took them over. Okay well you. You named the main reason why when there were three reasons why we we got good one when we got there. They had a good nucleus of of present saints players. That were just kind of they were in their second year. Third year fourth year. Fifth year like rickey. Jackson stan brock. People like that they were just as a group. They were right in the prime of their careers. You know just close to be the nucleus of a good football team and a winning football team so we have that going for us okay. But they hadn't they hadn't been winners. You know those guys been there five six years and they haven't been winners so you know they. They wanted to win and they were ready to do what it took to win. So so having a good nucleus of veteran players present saints when we got there was a big thing number two was we got good players some good players out of the us. You mentioned von johnson. You mentioned sam mills. We had a couple of other guys. Boy bobby did the us usfl see. He hadn't played for the sake. And i don't think pretty sure he came out of the. Usfl too so so we got we got those guys and then we had a really good draft. We drafted jim dombrowski in first round. We drafted dog hilliard. In the second round we had three third round picks one of them was pat swilling. Another one was rugen as all four. These guys started fours most of that first year in nineteen eighty six so you combine the veteran players that were there. The influx from the us fell and the the The the draft that we had we had the nucleus of what could be a pretty darn good. Football team didn't happen that first year. Although we had some good games we beat the niners. We shut out the rams at home about halfway through the season but then we have some some tough losses to. But i can't think it all came together in eighty seven when we won twelve games and and then we have some good success after that to let me. Let me interject something here. Because when i read about you in that second season and just so everybody knows seven and nine in your first season and then you lead the saints to twelve and three in eighty seven and i remember a conversation. I was having with bill walsh after the eighty two When they had gone to the super bowl the next year there was a strike shortened season of course and The forty niners missed the playoffs because they missed a field goal. Now i say that. Because i know that you had the same experience and you and bill were very similar as far as the intensity of the way you coached in the expectations you had and you you know you all missed a field goal against the forty niners a last second field goal after the game and that's when you Have the famous coulda woulda shoulda speech. Tell me a little bit about the frustration for a coach. That sort of circumstance. The thing i always loved about you and respected about you is yet. You were always honest. Every question i ever have asked you in your career whether it be in the nfl or college football. You always gave me an honest answer. So i knew that that speech was from the heart. Well it was a combination of the fact that and that was a strike. Here right we. We played two games. We were one and one with our with our guys and they went on strike. We had we had dude. Didn't play that first game the first week after the strike and there was no games and then we brought in replacement players and played three games with them. We want to lost one. But that whole and then all our veterans. Were you know they weren't there at that. Time was was was emotional. I mean it wasn't just like a normal football season it was emotional and and then our guys come back. Okay from our veteran guys are saints. Are normal saints players. Come back after that all happening and Were three and two and our first game back is at home against the forty niners and everybody knows it for that decade not just that year the forty niners were not the best team in the nfl. No question about it. And they're in our division forty nine our division and we. We drew my career there. We had we had some pretty good games with them. Most of the time they won but they were close and we competed against him but anyway so now our first game back with our veteran players and the strikes over and all that kind of stuff. We're playing the niners and we're tooth and nail at home and We missed a field goal. And and and morton didn't miss many of those morten andersen kicker At the end of the game and they ended.

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