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Is September fourth twenty twenty and I can't believe the year's going by this fast but. How are you doing? Sir, how are things going for you? Things are going well for me. I think a little bit better for me than they are for you Brayden. Is. I'm GONNA use the word. Funny but it's not really funny. Rub h from Av rant tweeted out something about how his partner Tom? Andry was having some home issues because I guess they had some water damage or something happened in Tom's house and you have to move out. So I said, what is it with all these house issues for all the hosts of AV related. PODCASTS and I said I told ROB. I said Rob. I. Think that means you and I are next and then he responded back with he had issues like a year ago, and then about an hour later you tweet what did you tweet Brayden oh so yeah. No I I've had enough issues with my house to cover all of the the home theater podcast hosts and listeners probably in fact. So this week earlier this week, we had a crew working just one crew working this way typically, there's like two or three crews trying to put the house back together from the many different issues that we've had. But Wall one crew was working in the upstairs bathroom, a fire sprinkler, just randomly like burst, and so the Guy I'm working at home and the guy comes over and she's slamming on, you know the knocking on the door and I thought he had used the bathroom so I'm like, yeah come on dude note no big deal and Then, he took off running. He's running around the yard and and I walked down like are you alright he's like there's water water everywhere. So he shut off the water to the house, but it wasn't the right one to shut off water to the fire sprinklers at one is out like further down on the street and the intense amount of water coming out of this fire sprinkler in just like ten minutes. By the time we got the water turned off. There was like three inches deep of. Water in the upstairs bathroom spreading out into the bedroom, and then it was just raining down inside the house. So I, mean, we got the water off in ten minutes, but then we had to have the crew come out and tented all off and they've got the dehumidifiers and the fans and everything going for the next few days. But yeah, we can't catch a break over here man but luckily because we can't catch a break hopefully, that means that you know 'cause. Mickley or whatever you're covered. No kidding. I think between the two of us you've had enough damage to cover both of us in probably. For many lifetimes. Yeah. I am I'm not laughing. It's just I can't believe how much you issues you had. One person. Put a comment up on twitter saying reminded him of that show with that movie with Tom Hanks and I think it was shelley. Long was that long anyway was like the the money pit among the yeah and I was like Oh my goodness I felt so bad. But all right everyone safe and hopefully it's not a huge setback for you. Know I. Mean we've I mean both of those rooms were still under construction. So it just we gotta dried out and then we'll have to fix some more walls that they had opened so that we could dry out in there but yeah, it wasn't like we had just wrapped everything up and then it happened but we do have to go through and now I guess fixed fire sprinklers in the house because it could happen randomly again somewhere else. It'd be a bummer. But. Yeah I, mean maybe just a sign that we need to have an indoor pool of some kind because that was just catch all the water that's coming in from everywhere I don't know man. Back to the podcast nothing stops US nuts observed. Thank you for listening and if you want to get in touch with us, you can visit our website hd guys dot com has all the information on everything that we talk about at the on the show today or you can go back and look at prior episodes on the site as well. You'll find ways to. Help support the show, and help me get some more bucket. So I can bail water out of my house next Emily Cavins, they literally were taking buckets of water scooping them up off the floor. That's how deep it was upstairs and just dump in buckets out the window. It will. It wasn't a little bit of Water I. Mean it was like a a swimming pool upstairs. But anyways, you can help support the show by signing up to become a patron at Patriot dot com slash HDTV podcast and those who have done that know that I will buy a few extra towels to help dry out my house with that support. Thank you very much for helping out with the show and the other way you can support us is through our coffee metaphor by a cup of coffee we have three different sizes equating to different dollar amounts if you buy the largest size and so I guess there's four different sizes but the fourth one is not a cup of coffee is something that we call a cap. Pal, and that's a nod to a character on NCIS who would get this huge big caffeinated drink called the CAF pal is thirty, two ounces. So we decided to go with that twenty five dollars, and if you do that, you get shoutout we had three of them this week and all three either had a shout out or an email. First one was from Ralph Brazil or basal a spelled B. A. S. I l. e..

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