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Let me just play a little sound of trebek's speaking with jennings during the mid game interview of jeopardy. The greatest of all time. That was this january. Which is you know. Jennings one harris quite nicely to your new career and your children are how old now. There's seventeen and thirteen argue. What my son was two. When i was first on. He called me. Ken jennings all that this this time. He drove me to the airport for this. It's very convenient. What a great line called me. Ken jennings that's firm tv. I'm sorry i interrupted you though. You're right about This idea that we have people in these roles that we call iconic and how can they be replaced And it happens all the time he will happen to us. bob barker was. The price is right As you pointed out. John stewart who wasn't even the first host of the daily show. I mean these. These legacy programs managed to continue to transcend even people that have done them for a two three four decades decades in a row The interesting about ken jennings is that he's going to you know. Alex had the answers in front of him as he was giving that Shows that show. We're going to have the assumption that ken jennings probably wouldn't even need the car without the great true. So bad thompson. was i. remember the french. Fresh prince bel-air all those years ago. There's a french prince. I'm having difficulty saying this. Notice that reunion. Bob tells ballot. Yes this Debuted la- last week And i it's on Was it max. I think and Fresh prince was an important shows. One six seasons almost one hundred fifty episodes back in What ninety two ninety six and will smith really became. He'd already been Rapper musician became a big star On this quincy jones was one of the executive producers So they came back and they had a reunion and it was done with all of them together. All the surviving cast members even though it was done post pandemic they got in an old Recreation the set. And you know some of these these are. Reunions are kind of predictable. Some are good. Some are not so good. This had the standard clips and they talked about Their memories and everything. It was a nice reunion but then about forty five minutes or forty minutes in Will smith sits down with Janet hubert Who in fact had played anti one of the major characters for the first three seasons but then she became pregnant..

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