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Bankers life you'll doubts and oh i will have the sweet i want at their expense of i got two hundred million dollars but there are expensive i'm gonna have courtside and and i'm going to have a sweet that's my plan that's i'm going to do it and then the sweet i'm not gonna able to use just me just going to be me in the sweet and we've got all the chairs and there and there's going to be a barca lounger and a sleep number bed that's how it's going to work i'm going to watch and we'll watch the pacers from my sleep number bed that some doing it so the lottery is tonight be sure a to go right now and win what you can i don't know if you've been following what's going on with logan paul logan paul is a youtube star and he's youtube star for creating rather ridiculous videos on line and then he went away from creating ridiculous videos online because he has fifteen million subscribers he's twenty two years old and he basically created videos where he says hey buy my merchandise byebye merchandise go to my website on that so that's all it us it's it's ridiculous what he does now is just nonsense what he did before was nonsense but it was kind of at least interesting so what he did is he went to japan and in japan there is an area called the a akiga hara forest and it's now it's at the base of mount fuji and its known for being a place we will go to commit suicide he went there because he heard of it as the haunted forest and they're in there for.

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