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From the weather Channel Rain tapering to attend this morning. Clouds will decrease later on this morning and into this afternoon, leading in lots of sunshine. Temperatures into the upper sixties to near 70 this afternoon, mid upper fifties Tonight, Sunshine tomorrow a little milder, low to mid seventies Currently 60 at W. R Dance Force Baseball plans underway. Yankees beat Cleveland in Game 1 12 to 3, the other winners the Astros white socks and raise its eight old five star news next up eight and 8 30 breaking news at once. I'm Joe Biden on 7 10 w. O R N B C news radio station. This is Len Berman and Michael Riedel. In the morning on a voice of New York 7 10 Wooo are alright, well leading off our big three. It was quite a debate last night happened watching myself and I thought this is most have been what the Lincoln Douglas debates were Lakeland. Hey, Mike line was good for the country and, yeah, Just got a great email on DH for Mylene, she said, listening to you and Michael bickering for two years, I realized that help prepare me to secure the debate last night way providing a public service starless. It's real. It's real versus sleepy. Len. Leave England. There you go. That's it's the debate leaves off our big three. Well, it was something else. Last night, it really was, and I don't think it's going to change any minds of your four Biden you still for him because he was able to stand for 90 minutes. And if you work for Trump your forum, because, well, yes, he comes off as a little crass and rough and tough, But he's the brawler in chief. And everybody knows what Donald Trump is like. So the debate probably did not change too many minds. Also in the Big Three. Well, sad to say we have some cases of Kobe, it's spiking and various neighbors. Neighborhood's here in New York at a time today, when indoor dining is going to begin, so we'll see how long how long in our dining can last. If.

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