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Oh really i guess the whole point is we seem to forget and forgive as we go through and let me just ask you this tim tell me one lie that martin van buren toll go ahead the floor is yours the stage is yours your he forgot about martin van buren let me ask you this tim i n look what what you're saying is right and i don't think it's us presidents on politicians we all lie let's face it but the thing i just want people understand is when it comes to president trump whether you blame it on a liberal media whether you say they all lie have you ever seen the movie the fugitive where harrison ford is at the end of the the sewerage thing and he says i didn't kill my wife and tommy lee jones says i don't care and i think it's the same kind of thing here where yeah i agree with you all presidents lie all politicians lie like i said we all lie but this muller investigation is going on you may not agree with it you may disagree with it but i'm telling you it's not gonna stop unless the president fires muller and if he does all hell's go break loose all we try to do is give you the daily update on what's going on because at big wheel continues to grind in the background and we just won't let you know where it's gone guess all right have a good day.

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