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The basketball that's not jr smith is his amis not he's a bad person he's not the most cerebral player on the court jay i understand what you're going and you're exactly right there guys that don't pay attention in the huddle guys that don't know time situation but when you're in a basketball game and it's the finals game one and you're standing on the free throw line and you looking at the coast like what do we do what is happening of worcester we do after this free throw guess what all you gotta do the job oh tron it's a big scoreboard up there the tells you what's happening you're in the game jr you have to know the scenario i can't overlook this hey george he'll come on make free throw man he wants to the line i promise you i'm the worst on i i never wanted to join i don't like follows i don't want people to like me but i say he's going to miss this i pulled out my cell phone and i i g live this dude i knew he was going to miss it he missed a free throw that is something that's inexcusable at this point do you realize if he made this free throw our have to argue it you about liberals score fifty and now being the next michael jordan because he took game one those performance was so icon ick your prediction will be closer to right now all of a sudden jr smith gets the rebound and he dribbles a basketball he bob cousy and he.

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