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The. This is from what I've seen. It looked like he was he might have been looking in a little bit early. I don't know if he if he was just look that way. I thought maybe we can freeze them out there and stayed on put a put a really good swing on Bumgarner sort of going big picture here saying, you know, you want to get the win. But but ultimately this early in the season. You're just looking to feel good about how you throw obviously alert own a game. And unfortunately the forest, but you know, I think million everybody else on the staff wouldn't take that long every time out. And I think if we did that we don't think there'd be pretty successful. Yeah. More often than not they're not to hang zero. I know that sounds crazy more often than not when you're facing a guy like lower. You're not going to hang zero. It's the number of lefties at the giants are gonna face this year that the concerns me about this lineup. Ninety five says I heard the quote rule five guy mentioned today and previously. What does that mean? If you're not familiar with that terminology the rule five draft is something held every December. It's basically made to protect players who have been drafted and sitting in a minor league system for a number of years without being placed on a forty man roster. So what happens is, and I don't know, exactly. The threshold after you've been a minor leager for four years or something like that. If a team does not have you on their forty million roster. Then you get placed into what's called the rule five draft where you can get plucked from any other team in baseball. Now, if you get plucked from that team the rule is that like with Connor Joe you've got to remain on the twenty five man roster for the entire season. If you do not remain on the twenty five man roster. If the giants decide they want Connor Jody go down to the minor leagues. They have to offer him back to his previous team. Dave, you look it up. You've got more information. Yes, sir. I'm right here. The rule five draft out of MLB dot com. It says actually you only have to keep him on the roster active for a minimum of ninety days. I believe it's the entire season. Everything I've heard is. And what I've read from Carrie Crowley would have to. We'll double check. But I believe it's once you draft somebody in the rule five it's the direction of the season. The giants did this last year with a guy named Julian Fernandez that got him from the Rockies or somebody like that member. He was a hard throwing through over one hundred miles an hour, and then had to have Tommy John surgery. The giants this you decided they didn't want him on the roster. They had to give him on back to the Colorado Rockies. Four hundred eight says they did okay without him. Go back to sleep copes. I love you. But dude, I don't know what you're saying. Okay. Without without who four zero eight. I'm talking talking. Giants lineup isn't all that. Good. And you're saying I'm saying, oh, you're talking Bumgarner. I'm saying they did do okay without Bumgarner. I know they weren't good in the first half last year. But you look at them at the end of August. They were five hundred they were putting runs I'm talking the pitching staff did just fine. The giants pitching staff was top three in the in major league baseball and ERA for the duration of last season until about they get to September bringing up de rod was okay. I know Johnny Cueto think people forget Johnny Cueto was leading major league baseball in ERA before he went down with Tommy John surgery last season tie block came out the giants. When those first two games against the Tigers one zero both of those games beat kenley Jansen and be Clayton Kershaw not making a case for the child's being some playoff team. But as far as strengths and weaknesses of this organization starting. Pitching and bullpen were damn good last year. It's the lineup. That has been the absolute frustration seven zero seven says get the lipstick ready. Okay. All right. Okay. For they're they're coming at me now because I'm not totally crushing the team. I'm just saying I I if you in -ticipant of this team being a competitive baseball team this year. You were fooling yourself. Take your head out of the sand. Did you think they were going to be good last year with mccutchen? And longoria. You saw how it played out. You took mccutchen out of the outfield. You didn't get Bryce Harper. They made a push for. He wanted to go to Philadelphia. He got more money. He got more years. He had no opt-outs. It's the way things played out this off season. You can't come down on far Hans ID and saying this thing didn't work or is not working when they've played one ballgame wet guy get his staff in place. I had this problem in the NFL all the time when a team is bad and they put a new head coach and the team is still bad after one season, and they can the head coach. What did you think was going to happen? Let him put a system in place. How was the offense? Get better after. One year of a of a of a new system or a defense better. After one year of a new system, you're coming off a three world championships. You've got a core of players at the giants locked up based on what they did in those years. And now you're feeling the repercussions of it on the free agent market. And within the organization, they traded the young talent that they had in order to grab a guy like Matt Moore, you know, I would love to still have Matt Duffy to believe me. I would love to still have Matt Duffy. But you tried to make a run with Matt Moore and you were one game away the bullpen coughed it against the cubs. And that was you were one game away from playing a game five in Chicago. And you ask every giants fan, and they'll tell you I believed if they'd gone back to Chicago Johnny Cueto was gonna win that ballgame. I think Joe Madden felt it. I think havi bias felt it. The rest is history though, the cubs go on they win a World Series. That's that. But you made a push. I'm always okay with trading talent. If you're getting value back, and if it pans out if you win a World Series, who cares. It's like the berries ITO argument spent. Too much on Zito you got two World Series in that contract. Don't kill my dreams. Does it matter where the money's allocated? If you win championships they gutted the organization in order to try to keep this thing alive. And they did it better than most teams. The oh eight oh nine Phillies have got to feel like they should have got one more. And they were probably still in the window when they lost in the LCS to the giants. But could not get it done. Five hundred says Matt Duffy can't stay healthy. All I know is MAC Duffy was top ten in batting average the American League last year. I'd take him over Evan longoria in the contract. They're paying him right now. I think I think that'd take that. I will continue with some of this giant stock. But also on the other side I want to get to this fund sound from yesterday. Tim Duncan in the NBA. Tim Duncan had some weird slicked back haircut to yesterday. It was here that maybe the hair straightened. No pulling out the curls that he would naturally grow. Anyway, tip some product at his hair, Tim Duncan. Sort of took a shot at at Gregg Popovich in modern nobly in a funny way at the Monte job jersey, retirement ceremony. So some good sound coming up to get your smile after a dud of giants loss yesterday. More coming up Friday morning in the leadoff spot on the sports leader..

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