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A thousand dollars going. Oh Black Popeye. I love his business approach. Let's let's go into business with with with it because I mean these are stabbings. Have there was so clearly they need. Yeah some negatives ah keep the energy going so. Each member has their own meal on the migos Menu I realized the day that it happened because of course they had to click on it and learn more quavos was the only one that was sold out right because it was the only one that had the fucking sandwich. Listen the girls like what they like. They left you know like a boneless here sure and Mavis and dark me there for the girls but Quavo got not one but two chicken sandwiches that came with this so naturally because flock to Louis and naturally his was the only one that you could not receive At that point and to this day. I'm sure that's the only one that you won't be able to find right because nobody's buddies really pressed over regular Popeye's chicken today. I guess everybody just wants that's-that's sandwich as if the rest of the chicken isn't also delicious delicious but anyway there's something special about that chicken sandwich breast though I'm telling you I know you haven't tried it but my Nigga it I refuse to. It is exceptionally good. The only reason I want try. The Sandwich is so that when I talk about how disgusted I am with it. I can also say that I've had it hoped because it's like because you're gonNA niggers have died. I don't feel like I need right points. Where may but just what I can say I have? I'm sure it's delicious. I know it yet but I just want to be able to back up my disgust with the fact that I too have tried it but other than that. Yeah everybody said it was different. Well not everybody. A bunch of niggers on the internet said it was different now and not as good. You know what aint backing all. That's EH stuck y'all because UNIX do this all the time with every product everything should be the shit Out of each other and be jumping people's kids mamas and shit like that for this stuff when it comes out and then after a few weeks go by and the initial hype has sort of died down one one unique is as good as it used to be. And then there's this domino effect of a whole bunch of other nigger saying even though it'd be the same Guy Day on product. Yeah I I mean I tried it again. I hadn't since it had sold out and comeback but I tried it again I got to tell you still really fucking good. It was still really fucking good sir. That may I do not know how they got a chicken breasts. That is that thick to be that fucking juicy like is no part of the chicken reimbursed like dry related to like harder to on. It's like it is just so. I've never had a couple of syringes fast food chicken that tasted juicy. It is telling you man you pour a little bit of sauce on a bit. Woo so lay still. Don't know what you're talking about if it's good good in Harlem. It ought to be good everywhere. It's going to Harlem. Nobody would be greater figure it out host because I I just don't know I don't love it but yeah you just gotTa to try one you don't go Popeye's somebody go to Popeye's and get you one and then bring in. You can decide for yourself. I mean that's the point you don't have to go to Popeye's girls you can jump right on ubereats and cuevas will hand deliver youtube chicken sandwiches as well as just not sold out and you'll city is to fries one mash with with gravy to apple pies and two small drinks for seven seventeen ninety nine. This is actually an amazing. That's a that's a dinner date on that I I was just going to say this is Joe Bay. Let's just stay in fire up that Disney plus dining disney. Let's just do this is I mean fries and potatoes not things. I eat at Popeye's but you can't beat that with a state value. You only the mashed potatoes and properly. I mean they. I'm not saying they nasty. I'm just saying if the choices aside. It's GONNA be ready for sensible to size. Can I get a double. I'm limited to so you have to choose wisely. You can't just be making any decision. I don't watch MAC and cheese those J. that that amy. I don't want them Cajun fries. Fries are fine but like walked into. Damn why would you give fries. Papa's when you could get the fucking red beans and rice that UK. You can't get at no other fast. Food doesn't make sense not make sense unless you're allergic. Maybe but I mean I'm sure there's analogy. Yeah I just never considered that somebody might really be allergic to.

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