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Stabilizing the state budget good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Katie okay new center this is Oklahoma's first news hot day hotter tomorrow are forecast is coming up the state legislature yesterday passed three budget stabilization bills to address the four hundred sixty million dollar revenue shortfall caused by the covert nineteen shut down senator Roger Thompson of okina says quick action is needed the people of Oklahoma resilient they're strong and either he'll be coming back in a in a big way and then the main job of the government is not to stand in their way as they begin to come back if the governor approves the shortfall will be filled with money from the state's rainy day fund and the state's revenue stabilization fund house speaker Charles McCall says there will be no budget cuts to state agencies this fiscal year the legislature granting the governor's sweeping powers to respond to the corona virus pandemic the state house and Senate yesterday approved governor states declaration of a catastrophic health emergency due to the corona virus Senate president pro tem Greg treat to utilize personal health information for first responders to improve empower the Oklahoma commission or the health department to coordinate a statewide preparedness response the option to waive certain occupational licensing requirements and the ability to enforce the suspension of elective surgeries under the catastrophic emergency health powers act stiff is granted the authority to temporarily suspend laws and regulations mobilized the National Guard and redirect state employees and resources a temporary restraining order by an Oklahoma City federal judge effectively lifted the ban on most abortions in Oklahoma governor Kevin states ban on routine or elective surgeries had included the abortion ban Stitt said when he ordered the restriction it was intended to preserve medical equipment needed for coronavirus patients federal judge Charles Goodwin says the state can not stop women from getting an abortion Goodwin says that its order intrudes on civil rights Folkston ga three being told to wear face masks in public Beth Myers reports and order went into effect at midnight in Guthrie that requires residents to wear cloth face masks in public to stop the spread of covert nineteen the city says don't buy the medical masks they're needed for healthcare providers they say the face coverings are necessarily to protect the wearer but instead to protect the wearer from accidentally infecting others because many infected people take a long time to develop symptoms are never do the order stays in effect until may fifth the state health department says forty five residents and six staff members in ten long term care facilities in Oklahoma have tested positive for covert nineteen for residents have died Stephen Bach with care providers Oklahoma that's a group that represents skilled nursing facilities says he fears that members will.

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