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The apex stuff you'll lose two seconds and the risk factor goes through the roof so sometimes it's better concede sometime down the straight to make sure that you just might the most of overlap term so it's so highest speed game of chess going on but it's fun any more questions viewing now uh can can. I ask you all vikash. You've driven right back to the single seaters which is one. You've most disliked. I've never had that question. <hes> crossed this holiday because the thing is even the ones crowd this still fun because you've got to learn how to drive it. The first car had was a former first round myself which in principle should be rubbish. He's next to transverse engines for that and the other day like it like a bus or something like that but it was it was horrendous. Fantastic is reasons. That was yeah it. It was a difficult did you did you racist yeah. I mean there's been caused. How's that been bad because the south wasn't on the dial tawes went right but he's been anything that has been particularly oracle rice cows. Ah good even the bad ones good because it's still erasing accents other. Another couple of noise was one hair then we'll work our way back i don sportsman in most fears of spall coached even when the top game so to you talk racing drivers get get coached is happening in a lot of the entry level now. That's the norm where styling did the jim russell racing school at donnington and and then you had some coaching there and then that was it by she learned he'll tell you one apex was and understeer and away you go make sure much you paid so you've done you weeks and that was it but now it's it's very common for driver. Coaches is a big market. They're older drivers running reasonable ah over ladies because coaching younger drivers but we tend to at a high level always is more self tool in terms of especially in sports car racing. Can you got teammates to work off so we got six drivers. The rodent things slightly different. You've got the data you've got the video so if you're not happy with what where your promises homies as you got all these tools to help yourself to improve it and you've got the experience to be able to look at it and say okay. That's what i need to do for that so it. It doesn't seem to be.

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