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And free rides on all dash routes as well as reducing the maximum occupancy allowed on buses to ensure physical distance and it's another step in how we intend to keep our essential workers for protecting us protected as well but I support supervisor Janice Hahn's request that metro adopt this for metro riders as well at our next meeting and thank you for your leadership on that I want to thank again all of our transit staff who are doing such aerobic work we seen tragic stories of transit operators the bus drivers and rail operators who become sick and even some in other cities who have lost their life doing the most basic thing to make sure we as a city can continue to function additionally I'm announcing tonight that starting Monday all travelers at LA acts will be required to also wear face coverings the new requirement alliance with what many airlines are doing as well right now many airlines require passengers and flight crews wear face coverings on flights and these are steps that will help us all be safe we all know that this crisis is asked so much of us its assets to sacrifice it's caused us to suffer whether that's in economic terms or psychological terms we had to go above and beyond our usual routines and up and nearly every facet of our lives but that's not the case for the Angelenos on the front lines of our healthcare systems Dave had to go even further our nurses our doctors are medical technicians the folks to our receptionist at hospitals those who clean our hospitals and lab techs everybody have demonstrated the true face of courage and grace and determination in this crisis they continue to do what they do best with a train for years to do but in overdrive now under a new microscope in the most dangerous of times they care for the sick they treat our injuries and our illness and they prepare for the unexpected they reassure those who are afraid and uncertain about what this virus means and they save lives today is national nurses day part of a national nurse appreciation week that begins today and ends on may twelfth the birthdate of Florence Nightingale this morning I had the chance to deliver that same message I just shared with you with nurses at children's hospital and I can tell you in the stop that I've made at the hospitals at eight o'clock at night were I've gathered outside the emergency room with folks that are tired but committed and loving of all of us I want you to know how much it means to them that we say thank you to our nurses and all of their colleagues are gone by Kaiser at sunset and cedars Sinai white memorial and I'll be continuing to hit more hospitals as many nights as I can as you can see or have seen through our media city hall lit up blue and some of our main buildings it's every night that we say thank you and we know that you nurses don't ask for accolades you don't ask for recognition or praise we know that you believe in this long before this crisis it's who you are but your work is a source of healing and hope we can never do enough for our nurses and our colleagues we all know a nurse I want to thank Natasha for what she is doing the member of our family who works at cedars Sinai I want to thank each one of you to make sure that we are not only healthy but hopeful as well on this your day and your week as we enter a new phase of this response we can each do our part make sure as I said with these new freedoms that we will have these baby steps forward that we take on new responsibilities make sure that it works let's show the success collectively of what happens when we began to open the door just a crack and a little bit of light in I promised you at the beginning of this that and it was raining at the time if you remember just a few weeks ago there were storm clouds all around us but I saw rays of light breaking through those clouds today and this weekend will be the beginning of that a time for mother's day where we can send flowers to our mothers a moment where we can go out with somebody in our household maybe and take a walk in a park in Los Angeles but let's make sure we use our judgment let's make sure we adhere to the regulations and to the orders that are still before us and let us burn each step moving forward with the hope and the idea that there will be a safer more prosperous and a better future ahead for all of us so as I always say stay healthy stay safe and stay at home much love that much strength Los Angeles let's keep moving forward with that I'm happy to answer questions tonight thank you all right so what would your listening to special coverage from KCRW on Larry parole thanks for joining us on as you just heard LA mayor Eric Garcetti has announced the city will relax some of his safer at home orders it's the first time he's made any such claim over seven weeks so let's turn now to K. C. R. W.'s Benjamin Gottlieb he's been following the mayor's remarks and he joins us now hi Benjamin hello Larry so it looks like Friday is the day that some businesses that were considered non essential when this pandemic began will be allowed to re open in LA that's right Larry and we have been waiting for news from mayor Eric Garcetti for a while now remember at Gavin Newsom the governor of California made this announcement earlier this week that some businesses I will be able to re open across California but he left some some leeway for local jurisdictions to decide what they will do now the mayor had been kind of core you haven't said whether or not he would allow retail businesses for example to open for curbside pickup in Los Angeles we just got the word today right so let me go through the list of what's exactly re opening this is important so retail select retail for pick up only these are places like sporting good stores book stores music stores clothing stores and also Flores the mayor made sure to mention Flores of course we got mother's day Larry coming up this weekend so he made sure to mention that also car dealerships and he also said that guidance for businesses we'll be coming out in the coming days the governor mentioned Thursday and I'm sure the mayor and the county will have its their own guidelines coming out as well later this week also what's gonna be opening up in Los Angeles parks and golf courses will be re opening but the mayor stressing and life is not going back to normal these are very very and I should stress is again very small steps but some important steps to point out and you might be asking Larry wine now right any wise and they are making this announcement now let's take a listen to how he described that just moments ago this this is not some sort of green light to slack off and remember at the beginning of this when we issued our safer home orders we usually had the spaces open but we had to shut them down because people weren't practicing those safer requirements I think we all know them now much better so some of the safer requirements Larry of course physical distance saying if you're sick staying home if you're at high risk staying home and the places he's referring to are hiking trails in Los Angeles perhaps parks in Los Angeles things of that nature now I should point out there are some place it is right that won't be opened up soon so it's it's not everywhere but the mayor has a very prescribed less about what's happening in the days ahead Florida I understand some of those on hiking trails gonna be open on Saturday not on Friday yeah that's right again as I mentioned golf courses trail had some parts will be reopened Runyon canyon the popular hiking trail will remain closed and this is important to if you're gonna be out if you want to go ahead and and check out the trails this weekend the mayor announcing moments ago face coverings will be required on all city trails and on golf courses this is the has not been the case in other parts of southern California each county kinda has had its own rules you know for example taking the golf courses if you're playing on a riverside county you have to wear a facemask adventure you don't know there's no golf carts out in Ventura but there are golf carts out in riverside so different rules for different places and the reason that the mayor said that you have to wear face coverings on these trails is that while people might understand the the physical distance saying and what needs to happen on trails it's possible that you could still spread the virus right maybe don't see someone that you make that turn a corner you run into somebody and also the mayor pointing out sixty five and older you cannot go out on these on these trails pre existing conditions also recommending you don't leave your home to go hiking and this is not an excuse in there said for gatherings right those stuff safe non physical distancing rules still remaining in place that's the mayor said moments ago all right so basically he's saying be smart if you're gonna be out well you know he's been extremely cautious about opening the city again and this is the first news you've heard about the city coming back what did he say about the this process going forward well we didn't get much detail the mayor did stress as you mentioned we gotta be very cautious this is the first small step in the re opening of the city and the county that he did it kind of on unveiled this three risk level analysis that is that is that describe three steps basically they're gonna be looking at key indicators right so death rate hospital surge capacity and the mayor says if the data shows that we're going to quickly that we're taking too many steps backward and the mayor is prepared he said to take steps to start and kind of rain they said maybe laughter close parks down middle have to reduce that retail curbside pick up the mayor not I'm closing the door and that he's left left that open the second step in there say continue to have this phase return to the new save reality so again phase what beginning on Friday may eighth that that'll be the end of phase one beginning a phase two and then also he wants to track the status of these indicators right cell death rates possible surge capacity and all of that is available the mayor stressed on the city website this is corona virus that Ellie city dot org slash safe for LA so again not the beginning of the end but quoting Winston Churchill finally the big the end of the beginning but in but right right exactly yeah so hi this is now happening as the virus continues to spread and take the lives of Angelenos he says his decisions of you as you just mentioned a really guided by data so where are we today the mayor always gives an update on the status in Los Angeles at the city in Los Angeles county again sobering numbers today even as he announces these are very very small yet significant relaxing of the safer at home orders which I should point out is earlier than we anticipated right I mean this was supposed to lift on may fifteenth this is may eighth so it's a week early but the mayor did report eight hundred and fifty one new cases in LA county of covert nineteen bringing the total of people diagnosed you well over twenty eight thousand the three percent increase from the.

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