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Support for this podcast and the following message come from harvard extension school online certificates in strategic management and corporate sustainability extension dot harvard dot edu slash npr live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi sang president trump subordinates find themselves defending their boss for today's tweets in which he attacked to msnbc hosts joe scarborough and makeup rogen scape and suggested brzezinski had a bad facelift at today's briefing at the white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders was peppered with questions about whether president trump might have gone too far sanders has trump had every ride what about the constant attacks that he receives or the rest of us i'm a woman and i've been attacked by the show multiple times but i don't cry foul because of it i think that you know you want to create this false narrative and one hand it's like let's treat everybody equally and on the other hand they attack attack attack and he responds and apparently that's wrong bud house democratic leader nancy pelosi says trump was add a line that really saddens me because it is so beneath the dignity of the president of the united states trump's tweets also sparked online condemnation from members of his own party a high ranking cardinal and close advisor to pope francis has been charged by australian authorities of sex crimes and pierre silvio put jolie reports this could bring the decades long clerical sex abuse scandal straight into the heart of the vatican cardinal george pell is known for his outspokenness and where he appeared before reporters today at the vatican he struck a defiant tone he proclaimed his innocence complained about leaks and claimed he's a victim of character assassination but he said he welcomed the chance to prove his innocence in court the cardinal said he had informed the pope who granted him a leave of absence so he can defend himself but france has created the post of vatican economy minister for pell shortly after he became positive pell is also a member of the ninemember council of cardinals than advises the pope that makes him the highest ranking vatican official ever to be accused of clerical sex abuse so pupil drily npr news rome.

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