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Rally around the core and if anyone is seen as threatening him in any way while they're being at best pushed to one side and at worst being picked up and detained and it is a pulse ability that it was saying that since i was developing a sort of power by surround himself and that's why i had to be taken care of and of course we have to acknowledge the timing of syndrome ties downfall i mean this comes ahead of a once in a decade communist party meeting that scheduled to happen later this year at that meeting half those members of the politburo going to be replaced and also crucially most of the members of the politburo standing committee this is the group of seven paypal essentially round the country now syndrome tsai was seen as a possible candidate for the politburo standing committee for example happens so close that in given us the date yet but this is probably go to happen in october for him to be taken away at this time as it were yair it's pretty crucial but stephen doesn't this show that what we are expecting to happen you know half the politburo is expected to retire five of the seven members of that crucial sevenmember standing committee are expected to retire doesn't that indicate that maybe some of the things that were on the cards for later this year maybe those things weren't happen i mean there are rumors that see jinping might tinker with those unwritten retirement rules a little bit to allows some of those current people to stay on yet will he be specially wanting he is man marci shannon who's running the investigate asian into these alleged corrupt officials that he loved be having him hanging around and after all this age thing it's not written into early party rules are living on none that have been made public which is the kind of convention and so yeah he could just stand that its said and say you know what certain members of the politburo canning around for bit longer i mean what are the crucial things that is also we're heading towards another convention was that we all thought that the way it was hitting is that.

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