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I'm Debra Mark John and Ken show John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI. AM six, forty Coming up after three thirty We're going to talk about a shooting in Venice connected to a homeless camp And it's got people angry with blockhead that idea Mike bonnet And, I have my own crime report to add for. My neighborhood In our neighborhood everybody's angry with blockhead that idea might bonnet the LA city council on, the west side because we got a rampant homelessness and rampant crime and he does nothing An incompetent boob so we'll, talk more about that Another perennial boob. Is another LA councilman Paul Koretz He wants to ban all the electric. Scooters that have been dumped all. Over the city by these two companies. Lyman bird If you I I don't know. If they're everywhere but they're certainly Los Angeles seems that there's hundreds and hundreds of, them wherever you go across your dollar you got to set up an account is a credit card at a your ID and then you can rent them for a buck and go drive around and mostly, kids are jumping, on him like you'd expect and they're doing exactly what teenagers would, do driving flying, wild on him down sidewalks on streets. Getting. In the way of cars running into people on the sidewalks no helmets too to a scooter everything you. Could imagine right so if you've had kids and you've had scooters what goes on except. Now there's hundreds of them everywhere We're. Going to, talk with Andrew mollenbeck because Parker rats wants to temporarily ban them Andrew how're, you hey good afternoon, in speaking of seeing them everywhere on Monday Monday. Night I. Went up to cover a fire in Santa Clarita and they had. All the roads kind of, in the area blocked, off, and so I was walking up, to cover the fire on foot and some guy buzzed by me on one of these electric scooters up. In the hills by Santa Clarita so they really are everywhere but councilman Paul Koretz, at least as it relates to LA says that these deviant scooter riders have to be stopped because he says they're violating all sorts of rules and they might get somebody killed I mean I've probably seen, a thousand of, these go by on on my major street which is Beverly boulevard, which I live, mmediately off of of the thousand I've. Seen. I've seen one helmet nine hundred ninety nine people without a helmet almost everybody's on the sidewalk which is Technically illegal and he talked about that a little bit more regarding the sidewalk that he saying so many people who are actually. Walking on, the sidewalk have to dive out of the way because these electric scooters are buzzing by every possible, item isn't violation you see two or three people. On a. Scooter and I think it's just a matter of time before we. Start having serious injuries and, possibly deaths.

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