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WVU are I'm Robin young. It's here and now football fans are wondering the landscape unmarred in a post Super Bowl Malays nothing to watch. Hold on the alliance of American football is throwing a lifeline the new league is heading into its second weekend of games. Eight teams, including the Arizona hotshots the Atlanta legends, the San Diego fleet Mike Pence Kaz here. No sports. Analysts host the daily five guests the Justice league dot com. Did you like that image? I like you said that up those are the stakes. Yes. And by the way, I was unhappy during the Super Bowl football fans. Yeah. Well, what do you think of this new league because someone NFL bigwigs apparently were skeptical, but they came away impressed at least according to USA today. Yes. I would say the level of play was described as what you'd get in the second half of a preseason game. But that's not terrible. It's a bunch of guys who are in the NFL for reason. Although some of them probably. Could be and I understand from the NFL's perspective. Why they would like a league like this to exist? Because there's not a lot of great ways to see potentially talented players when you're watching college. They're not playing against great players, and they're not playing, and you know, pro style offenses. So it will be good for them. They shouldn't see this league as a competitor. They should see it as essentially like a quasi farm system or a feeder system that they don't have to pay for. That's great. Necessarily mean, we're at a time when we're talking about even if you love football, there's a recognition kids aren't playing as much because of injuries. I mean is expansion the right way to go. This is the point. And it's why I am conflicted. Why I am literally ambivalent if this were a baseball league or a even even another kind of Hockey League, which exist, and they exist for a reason minor leagues and unaffiliated leagues. It'd be fine. It'd be great, you know, giving fans more of the sport they want with a little bit of a lower temperature lower ticket prices in some different cities. All that's for the good. But as you mentioned football, it's very hard to say that more football on this earth. Or in America is an unalloyed good thing. I will say this though of all the levels of football or ways to convince me that football could be okay, professional informed. Adults getting paid to play football. That is the least bad form of football. Whereas I think southern college football, essentially indentured servitude in the service of football that might be the most bad form of football. And that's right now what the feeder system is. Okay. We got a minute. The af has an app it allows fans to follow games with these visualizations the league founder, Charlie ever, Saul son of dick Ebersol calls calls it Madden versus angry birds. He says that's what it looks like is that gonna push the thing forward. They do have innovations. They will for instance, you can listen in as referees make decisions that's interesting. I bet you that whether this fails or exists as an ongoing enterprise, and maybe the best they can hope for is one day some of their teams get absorbed. But I bet they influence the NFL. I bet at least with the presentation of it. And this happened with the development definitely happened with the XFL to failed leagues that influence the NFL and not the NFL fo- forward in terms of being a more innovative way. To experience the game. The the this new league is going to do that my Pesca here now is sports analysts. You also hosts the daily podcast the gist at slate dot com. Talking about the alliance of American footfall. We'll see if you know if we're talking about it in the future, Mike. Thank.

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