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And some of the stuff was completely insane. Like some of these kids were getting their faces Photoshop onto college athletes. They wouldn't even play the sport that they were supposedly good enough at to be recruited. Yeah. There is some wild shenanigans happening. And so one of the reasons this story has grabbed national attention is because to fairly famous actresses are involved, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Laughlin is best known as full house. His aunt Becky. So there's this sort of celebrity parent this'll side, and do you do, you know, Felicity Huffman, are you are you a huff head? No, I that's the thing when this story broke and God when this story broken on Tuesday in the internet was just madness. It was chaos and all these people were like, oh my God, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Lachlan this. And I was just like I I kept seeing photos of them and lead images stirs as I have no idea these people. I feel I felt so out of the loop. Did you watch full house? Okay. Well, that's your issue because the Laurie Lachlan really hasn't been in anything else. Okay. But she was like aunt Becky wasn't a major character in full house. But she was very well liked like, I don't know. So she's sort of one of those. I'm trying to think like who to compare her to maybe Kirk Cameron or something she's like a de l'est ninety celebrity. Okay. That's fair. That's fair. But her daughter, oh, this is another fascinating part of this story. Laurie Lachlan's daughter her professional name is a Livia Jade, and she's a very famous youtuber. She went to USC. She was one of the kids you like she did not earn her spot. Basically, according to the indictment anyways. And she's been really leaning on this. Whole I'm a college student thing, and she's been doing spun con with like Amazon as her partner about college dorm decorations and doing a lot of YouTube videos about like what life is like as a college student, and it's like her channel is very style and fashion forward, and yeah, I've seen some of her videos. They're like getting rate. You know, the video will be like how to get ready to go out to a college party. I talking to our coworkers Elissa Lindsey, and we were saying like all of us have sort of had sort of seen her videos in the past. And not really realized she was loyal Auckland's daughter. Just she does a lot of makeup to recognized her more easily than Iraq late instinctively, as oh, I know who this young woman is before I could put together who Laurie Lachlan was. Yeah. Well, there you go. So you're you're coming at this from like the young person. So that's the biggest it's like fraudulent, right? Because like, I totally grew up with the generation of people who watch full house. But I think I was watching like Martin and lay midnight news something I don't know what I was doing. And then Felicity Huffman. So she's married to William H Macy who were a big fan of his acting at the ringer. I think it's fair to say Katie Baker, one of our staff writers actually just interviewed him for a totally different story because he plays a leader all in the show shameless. He's like a pretty prominent actor, and he is married to Felicity Huffman. The this is their kids, but he is not named in the indictment strangely, which like has led to some speculation that he snitched all we he's to be. Theory was like this is classic misogyny like throwing the woman under the bus. But we think he's niche. I didn't know that. I don't know. That's just the theory. Interesting. I I think it's a plausible theory. But I suppose we'll find out like she's in custody. Where is he? Right. He's probably in witness protection. Laurie law Flynn's like in Mexico or something right now, she wasn't home when they came to her house. So aunt Becky may or may not be on the Lam. The story. This is already damaged controls Mueller investigation baller investigation..

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