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Control and Prevention is under fire a former acting director fears its reputation is taking a nosedive a call for help. Of London Ontario, woman who died in police custody says they're relieved to see the officer who arrested Deborah Christiane sent to jail gearing up for a fight thousands of longtime mountain equipment coop members say they should have been consulted about the company's sale to a US private equity firm and they're ready to climb illegal mountain. To Stop It. You may remember our shows coverage of an art exhibit involving A. Single, banana duct taped to a wall and subsequently eaten by another artist well now updated version promises to be equally appealing and whether you're a barbarian ranger, a rogue Human Haflinger dragon born we're betting our guest has you beat he's been playing the same game of Dungeons and dragons for thirty eight years as it happens the Tuesday edition radio that suspect that game of Dungeons is starting to drag on. There's still a lot that's unknown about how a mass killing a Nova Scotia unfolded in April and how the responded but new documents released in court. This week could help fill in some gaps for weeks. A consortium of media outlets including the CBC have appeared before the courts to have rcmp search warrants related to the attack released this week, the court did release a new batch of documents, and while much is still redacted they do offer for the first time a detailed account from the killers common law spouse she reveals he was behaving normally the day of attack and then quote snapped setting their cottage and many other buildings on fire and later killing twenty two people. Tim Boost Gay is an investigative reporter and the founder of the Halifax Examiner we reached him in Halifax. Tim. Disease cash of documents satisfy some of the questions that people have around the attack. Well. There's definitely new information It's not as much as we would have hoped for, but we did learn a few six but the most important. Well I think there's two or three important things. We we learned that the gunman the killer had a considerable paranoia about cash money and wanting to in his words screw over. Revenue Canada to going so far as to put property in his parent's name having multiple accounts that he could juggle money with and asking for cash payments whenever possible so that that was one of them but that paranoia seemed to apply also to his reaction to covid nineteen and there was a financial aspect to that. So he took out a great deal money in cash from his assets four, hundred, seventy, five, thousand dollars, and we don't know where all the lengths. But some of it was buried in his property a pick. We're not told how much that was and in others in his property at Dartmouth. He was also stockpiling gasoline, propane, food rice, and other food, and this is your understands based on some paranoia he had about what the government about. Conspiracies what was in his mind that there's positive. There's one quote from his common law wife who said he was paranoid that Justin Trudeau would put into effect a means that if you had money the government would take the money in give you shares I'm not sure what that means but that that was the explanation for him getting the four hundred, seventy, five, thousand dollars in cash in. Hundred dollar bills we know that some of the most important things that people wanted to know is about the common law spouse of Gw as you're calling them and that's fine with us and that she was in the woods after having escaped from him while he was doing his rampage while he was burning and killing burning houses, killing people what did we learn from her perspective? That's new. A. Few more details not a lot she tried to play along when when he was burning his property, he went back to get Some weapons out of one of his properties and she said, well, it communicates to the Jeep I'll move it. So you can get in and he said, do you think of crazy? We don't know exactly what happened but it appears that she was handcuffed at some point and was able to escape the handcuffs ran out into the woods saw a truck, a pickup truck, and thought. Well I'll hiding there. So she opened the door and the the overhead light came on and she thought, oh no, he's GonNa. See that in says she ran back out into the woods she said that she stayed out in the woods. Daylight and then came back to the nearest house. Frantically knocked on the door that says, she was reconnected to the cops and that's key isn't it? Because that's what we were trying to find out in the just the even the days after that what did the police know and when did they know it? It's really It's terribly sad tragic in in There should somebody should be held to account. They were issuing warnings to other police forces through the night that this this man was driving around in a replica lease car in killing people knocking on doors and at Cetera, and even after they, they had confirmation people being murdered early in the morning they still didn't get that information out to the public. For another two or three hours I would argue. That seven or eight people died needlessly because there was no warning put out and there's been a lot of evidence to support that that they. They knew enough that they could have worn people. Some people said, they wouldn't have allowed their loved one to go out if they had known with the police knew at that point that's right. The two nurses and also the. Random woman who was. Walking her dog in Wentworth. Carried a phone and had the provincial lert on off she would. Headed back indoors likely no alert was. In instead the information was relayed via twitter, you learn anything you from the documents that were released that would say what the police knew when they knew it. I've been searching backwards of forwards and not in the unredacted part of the document. There's no time stamps for when the police. act. So that.

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