Joe Manchin, Pacific Ocean, President Trump discussed on Rich Zeoli


Are among the hurricanes that have ravaged the east coast and. Gulf of Mexico but, here in California hurricanes are virtually. Unheard of hurricanes that form in the eastern Pacific Ocean usually don't make. It past Baja California only managed to reach as far as San Diego. In, eighteen Fifty-eight however there's now the potential this rare event could strike the. San, Diego area again scientists. At the scripts peer had been recording historic temperatures in the Pacific Ocean as high as seventy nine. Point five degrees that's about ten. Degrees above normal those rising ocean temperatures. Are startling startling and when you, think about differences she pointed out it's been a year since hurricane Harvey was this, time? Last year right and it was warm ocean waters feeling. That as. Well I'm, startled I'm very very. Startled right now so the president's going to West Virginia where they're not startled and they're excited and he's. Going there tonight And he's going to campaign. For state attorney general Patrick Morrissey who is Republican running to unseat Joe, Manchin but here's the thing though Joe. Manchin kind of gets it Joe Manchin of all the, Democrats he probably would win this race he might he might still win because Joe Manchin is the. Kind of democrat who, understands that without co voters you're. Not winning do you think Joe Manchin could ever get the nomination the. Democratic Party to run for president the United States and twenty twenty no. Chance, in hell not a million years no chance because while Joe Manchin might. Say, things about the environment. Here or there he's not going to commit to putting coal miners out of work that's just the. Fact it's why Pennsylvania matters to. As well the the issue of coal. Is is a big issue going, into this election and once again the president's EPA is doing the right things for, freedom? And for business and the key again is that when. You have. Regulations promulgated, by agencies other regulations. Can unpromising gate those regulations I don't know if that's actually a word I'm promulgate but it should be Eight five five eight three nine twelve ten pounds of tenant is Sal according to sources Fox News? Is saying the Cohen deal is a guilty plea which includes three to five years in jail, Michael Cohen I'll give you my analysis of that when, we return but look, here's going. To be a big big story tonight about all of this and then if there's any relation to Muller Newsmax TV is where you go. To get the truth if you like conservative news maybe you. Wanna break from Fox News maybe you just want to try something different well. Jerome Corsi wrote, a book and this book is called killing the deep state and he's. All over Newsmax talking about this it blew the lid off the FBI, cover up in the political witch onto. Trump well you should get a copy.

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