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Welcome to the fantasy football over Tampa guest. I'm your host Jake Zinke and with me as always is Matt Win and Tyler Holler back guys. How you guys doing today. We are doing well. It is the day after the first three rounds of the NFL draft and we are here to down our opinions and thoughts on how the first three rounds went tyler. Would you think about the draft? Yeah what a draft. The first all virtual draft seeing all those different rooms man some of those ones. They were super high tech tons of screens tons of computers. And some of them were. Just you know pretty Pretty minimalistic what was going on with Mike Variables. Did you guys get a look at the man talking about the guy in the background? Yeah I don't know what was going on there but I think my favorite one was. Do you guys see Bella checks? Dog Make that pick of the D. Two layer yeah. I'm not sure I feel is a rich. Oil is pretty high in some of the analysts but I think the dog must have liked the scent of or something Robert Kraft and Belichick after that asking if he really let the dog. Make that pick speaking of Goodell. I mean was he under the influence of something for some of that when he said you know we were going to have the future. Twenty twenty drafts somewhere and somewhere else did. A lot of people are kind of murmuring about that. He actually changed in the middle of the the draft. You guys notice that took off a sport coat and I didn't notice if you put on like anything else underneath but yeah I definitely saw that. A lot of people thought he might have like spilled beer on himself or something. I bet it wasn't a beer. Scotch or something yes yeah. He's a classy classy individual. Classy you look at his basement Dan. They're whatever what was that like twenty seven inch. Tv behind them from two thousand ten. You would have thought he would have at least updated. Yeah no kidding I would have at least a seventy inch down there. Come on Roger Not just one you know like three or four of them up on the wall. Absolutely well guys. Let's jump into what we thought of the first round here. How about we start with the quarterback position. Since that's everybody's favorite everybody needs franchise quarterbacks on the bengals got. There's at first overall with Joe Borough Tyler start us off with your your take on Mr Borough in Cincinnati. What did they call them now? The tiger king or something like that. I think burrows coming into a really strong core group of people with Cincinnati. Coming into throw into targets like Boyd and green and Ross have in Nixon behind them. I really like He's coming into a pretty strong group and you were kind of projected to be that day. One starter yeah no forget that they just drafted t higgins with the first pick in the second two. So they're giving them a lot of weapons and I think what's important to realize of Joe. Borough is man. He just threw for fifty six hundred yards sixty touchdowns last season. He did it in the SEC. I mean that's the best conference in football. So we're talking about a quarterback that is competing at the highest level in look those stats that he's putting down. It's IT'S INCREDIBLE. Yeah absolutely and then just to piggyback off. Already saying do you. Don't forget that their offensive line is getting an upgrade with Jonah Williams. Coming back from injury reserve last year he didn't play a single down so that offensive line is definitely an upgrade jovial. Definitely an upgrade over. Andy Dalton were you guys got an projected in fantasy tyler. Yeah I have them coming in You know in your typical redraft type League at qb fourteen. That's going to be right around Tanna Hill and Mayfield. We're going to kind of see what the bengals can do with him. And he's for sure I don't know you can probably speak more on dynasty fronts. But he's for sure. GonNa get drafted by all the fantasy honors this year. Probably as qb to on most teams to start. Yeah absolutely from a dynasty perspective. I mean if you're looking at a super flex he's most likely you're you're one one. If you're hurting at the at the quarterback position you know might fall a couple of spots. If you have a favorite running back that came out of this class but boroughs day one starter and I'll take anyone's Delton. That are thanks. Andy Dalton can hold that job through the pre season at all kind of fun fact too. I think a lot of us know but a lot of us probably don't know that he actually started out his college career at Ohio State. He was buried under the depth chart throughout a couple of years there a by Barrett Carl Jones. Braxton Miller and Wayne Haskins talk about a school that produce some good quarterbacks but he definitely made the right choice going over to. Lsu Are you assuming joins Haskins NFL quarterback and maybe not good NFL. But he sure wasn't college all right. We'll jump into the next quarterback that was taken to and I will let matt pronounce his last name Tunnel. Vilo it's you guys any fantasy from that. I don't love to as a quarterback has long-term projection is going to be really really good. He's obviously a lot of risk. Though he had a dislocated hip last year. He also had surgery on both of his ankles earlier in college. So absolutely. There's a lot of injury risk. He also scored a thirteen on the Wunderlich score. There's if there's anything we learn. The Lamar Jackson also scored a thirteen. And I think he's. He's fair pretty well but the reason why I liked him. I mean if you look at it. He's an absolute stud when healthy went for over four thousand yards and forty eight touches in two thousand eighteen and then he was well on his way to shattering that before his injury but I think it was the right pick for the dolphins and need to give them some some additional weapons. Yeah let's talk about those dolphins weapons. I mean he's not gonna be throwing to that great weapons in Parker Gaseke and Williams so Miami's definitely going to have to be beef up that wide receiver core forum and even get you know a solid running back behind him. Yeah and with five picks in the first fifty six of the draft. I really would have thought they would have addressed either running back or wide receiver. And they didn't which was a little surprising but they did grab two tackles which is going to be extremely important. You're talking about his injury history so we need to make sure that we're keeping them upright so I I do understand that but he's not going to have the weapons this year in fantasy. What are you talking about the dolphins this trade for Matt Brita Breaking News? Berea the dolphins? I just got that alert to okay. Well I still don't know has too much but it does L. Yeah I have a mad quarterback twenty five in a typical redraft this year. There's no sense in wasting one of those them Jake. What do you think from from dynasty perspective? Yeah you're drafting in. You're holding that guy for the next season. I mean he might come in late at the end of the season. We Know Ryan Fitzpatrick can't stay Started for a full season so you might get a little bit to value at the end of the year but next year going forward day. One you're GONNA have a starting quarterback on your hands that's going to be pretty decent fantasy implications. That sounds like I I possibly do. You think that to a won't be starter on Day. One for twenty two thousand eight dolphins. No I don't think so either. Really Yeah all right. Well we'll revisit that topic. Let's jump to the chargers. Drafting Justin Herbert with the six overall. Pick yeah so I got Justin hurricane the same situation as to You know I think that he comes in behind Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod is going to hold that job for at least a few weeks. Kinda what happened with him in Cleveland over Baker barring any injuries justin. Her probably doesn't have too much value for fantasy once again this year and less deep league and want to hold three quarterbacks on your team for some reason the one thing I really like about Herbert here is coming into a pretty solid Receiving Corps with Keenan Allen Mike Williams Adler and Hunter Henry Man. He would have some targets with them if he gets the chance. Oh absolutely he made it a much better situation than to I did. That team is built a win now so I think that also holds just Herbert back just a little bit longer. You know. If they're winning with tyrod they're not gonNA make quick changes but if they do come out you know. Let's say Oh and four. That make that coaching staff rethink that. Yeah I really wish that I wished those quarterbacks would have been switched. I would've loved to have seen two or go to the chargers to see what he could do with those weapons. Yeah I have heard. Qb Twenty four just a little bit above two are still in a redraft. It's not really worth drafting. Until we know closer to who will the started be in that as far as dynasty? What do you think there? We hit the nail on the head. They're it same exact situation as to your your draft hoping for two thousand twenty one and if he gets in in twenty twenty. It's just you know extra points. Basically but he eats drafting stash. Essentially Tyler let me run this scenario by you. What if there's an injury preseason that jumps herbert up to number one on the depth chart where where would that rank him for you heading into? This season probably similar to where I had put. Boro probably ahead. I think that that core is a little bit more solid We would be right around like QB twelve ten to twelve. Maybe like I think where Brady possibly will be this year. Maybe like Stafford as well right there. So you're jumping Herbert over borough day one. If Herbert's starting yeah absolutely one hundred percent might be number two up all right you guys. There was one more quarterback drafted in the first round and that was Jordan love by the Green Bay. Packers while.

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