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What's up averages hours away every second what three every day a lakewood everything over going according to the sacramento bee bob walker is a lives there you go in that all the gytims that's what i said how yokio bombarda he still alive um and then as outside his native first thing you'll see is when did like how did bob argue die because people are gwinnett all right now he's still alive he just retired we start killing above barker so anyway i don't even know how know what he's thinking about but i don't bring bob ignited their bottling bob's thinking about that bye bye legal argue even know if you the lies so why are you actually you know what he thing i think bosnia about other things i'm just saying ninety three i'm not trying to kill off anybody there's 93 but what is your mental state you have to be thinking yes about open let you know we all summer camps ever go to summer careful i only get one day left you know if vacation gentleman here's the differences sears hey has no worse because you're like tomorrow is over gets we will you 93 it could be today here's the deal get tomorrow here's the difference what you new can't was inning then friday or saturday you don't know when his are forty when you 93 you really don't know where three or five i wonder if he was thinking has eighty one off thirteen extra that's true so every day is more misery 'cause still that happened to which you still thinking about it that's what they anticipated a devil's worth indefinite ever okay you know it is only if you're going to think about it that much would be that consume bio you're in a lived to be like one hundred eight.

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