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Trump is proven time and again that nothing sticks to them he is presidential teflon at least to his base and a majority of Republicans. I mean just after this news was breaking. He tweeted something like thank you all caps with a photo of one of his rallies with approval rating fifty-three percent superimposed on top of it. Could this just made him stronger well. This has been one reason that Democratic leaders like Pelosi have been so hesitant about impeachment and it's been hotly disputed among political pundits indicates everywhere about whether impeachment would be good for trump or bad for trump their arguments on both sides impeachment supporters tend to argue that high high profile media events focusing on the alleged crimes of president trump will obviously not be good for his re-election effort but the arguments arguments against impeachment being good for Democrats tend to be more about worries that they will be able to make an effective public case or in policy specific facific case the house math is unfavourable for Democrats in that they have a bunch of members in their majority that are from districts that voted for trump in two thousand sixteen so for policy to remain speaker. She needs to get a lot of these trump district democrats. That's reelected and she has believed all year that pushing for the impeachment of Donald Trump is not the best way to do that but the facts have changed the pressure has built and she has apparently decided that you know you gotta do it. DOC ANDREW PRO senior political correspondent at Vox thank you I'm Sean Ramos firm the explain aw.

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