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Up on KCBS. as Matt Bigler in San Francisco why homeless activists are protesting a visit by a top official in the trump administration. update on traffic tonight it's ten away to KCBS traffic and weather together in his job but we get five eighty eastbound road work as usual Greenville to San Joaquin county line that's seen a whole lot of the impact by that they may be getting a late start because of that but what we do have a problem with is eastbound and five you write about foothill San Ramon wrote word there of the stall possibly an accident one lane blocked traffic light enough so far not much of a delay but be prepared if you're headed to that till they can get that one cleared there is road were causing delays eight eighty south bound as you make your way on to two thirty eight to it's gonna just a few minutes to your trek through that stretch the same for north bound eight eighty a Jackson where there's road work under way there the big stretch of slow stuff that we're seeing now is going to be as you roll out of Palo alto on the peninsula make you wait one oh one north bound it's going to be slow up and threw redwood city the road work also apparently grabbing some attention from some folks headed south on a one on one we sing a bit of a delay there had a report of a stall in San Francisco this is eighty westbound add fifth it was the right lane blocked no confirmation it's been removed but there's not much of a delay there at this point the next traffic update ten eighteen on the traffic leader KCBS your bay area forecast increasing clouds and breezy overnight with lows in the fifties all of light showers tomorrow morning until mid day with clearing skies by lunch time mostly sunny by afternoon highs only in the sixties and seventies tomorrow but then warming back up again on Thursday traffic and weather together on the eight son all news one oh six nine and A. M. seven forty K. C. B. S. securities and advisory services offered through United planners financial services.

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