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Yeah be really really set up but you know you I mean the the over the hill cake is a it's a great it's a fine cake but you know most cake boss is that you'll find will eat their own Kay and and then if they don't like their first gig Bogo I'm gonna make another cake so you not tasting your own take just that knowledge can't get you pass the seven one also trying to enforce moderation if you know you don't like the taste that much you just take one bite which I know you're fond of doing it in a way I level one bike except us if you just took a bite of the Mike a cake I did yeah what do you think you know what's your review you know what trying to get so much frosting on they're gonna cut its overpowering I think that drew gave you a very very fair score thank you Sir I think you missed some might even say is getting soft at his age yes love some did say that this tastes like come this tastes like Durk don't come home then I don't come home tonight this is a quite love is like I love you but just stay somewhere else today are you sure at the end I'm not even joking did you forget an ingredient no way okay eggs you got eggs in their eggs are in there flower flowers in there Sir sugar is in there I didn't skimp on anything John what you what you think is missing flavor mostly okay I know it's just it's it's it's a good Catelyn try the middle into the middle the middle no no that's not the middle that's a far right that there was a sticker on that try try the damn it okay the sticker okay not literally I believe you but I mean it's still sticker you guys are awesome these are the this cake boss competition was freaking phenomenal I gotta say Johns cakes talks to what no job no you can't say that not even joking around John's cake was a John John cake was flavor wise the the the one of the best cakes I've ever had like a the homemade ice the homemade fudge icing speaks to the chocolate here inside me that's okay and and and Johns cake is the cake that was made for someone who loves the chocolate cake and sex drugs and rock and roll I I would love to make things equitable and have a three way tie but quite frankly but what one does a blog so that I would like them to a tie and then and then to have these guys be happy but Johns conscientious ability to reach me via a birthday cake thank you drew that mean a lot to me and you mean a lot to me clearly by the cake that you should you mean almost so much more to me because I've known you longer dead and you knew that I would enjoy it alien **** cake with those with a separate the **** and you did I tell what do you guys have coming up next what should we spend it yep us out a message what's been and and have a message okay here is a birthday message from someone I don't know who and then I will spend our wheel of squeal what's your favorite guest.

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