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Apple leasing the winter weather leads a number of school districts to start the classes late today there are no outright cancellations there plenty of delays for districts across central Texas and they include Austin Bastrop del valley dripping springs Eames elegant Georgetown Hays Lago Vista lake Travis Leander liberty hill Mainer around rock the Texas school for the deaf and harmony public schools here in Austin most of them are starting two hours later today some districts will stagger their openings across elementary middle and high schools bus service has also been delayed for all affected districts that draws more news radio kill the J. U. S. Supreme Court will consider the fate of young illegal immigrants who signed up for president Obama's dreamer program Jana's was brought to the U. S. by his mother when he was just a one year old you have to go back to Mexico on this is the only country I know I've always but deleted this flag when he couldn't get a driver license as a teen or get a job he found out he was undocumented so when president Obama signed docket in twenty twelve giving people like him legal status he was happy it was the right thing to do but is the wrong way to go about it he says he supports president trump no when I heard the president made a proposal about giving a pathway to citizenship to dreamers and change border security but I mean it was on board with that he says it is up to Congress to pass legislation giving people brought here illegally as children legal status Jessica Rosenthal fox news the haze school district says it did a background check on a substitute teacher who now faces a felony charge for assaulting a student lawyers for a student shot on video being beaten by then substitute teacher Tiffany Lankford say she has an alleged criminal history of domestic violence at a Baltimore Hayes see I it's the superintendent of schools Eric Wright says she pastor standard background check we ran it through the FBI and we run it through the GPS and she was eligible to be hired right since district works to keep students safe in calls the instant a one off we work really hard to have a good positive image of Casey is the and we do and we have great people here and we don't want this one anomaly to calls people to doubt what our intentions are John Colleen's radio kale the J. city of Austin plans to buy back the south terminal at the airport it's been under the operation of a private company since twenty fifteen the aviation department says it's going to cost ten million dollars to buy back that part of the airport seven.

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