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Archival work coming from R. J had a great really great no resume. Eso once they gave us the one shot at it. We did it so well that they were just like comment. You guys must have like eight employees, and it's just the two of us. And literally a closet of this photo retouching studio that we rented this little space from And we just cranked out work like it was. No going out of style, You know, way new creatively what we wanted to do. So, you know, we just use the technology that we had in a very different way than what everybody was using it and we just knew howto set things off building. In a module way where you know, for example, one of the first project we got was a campaign for HBO's The Sopranos. And the assistant. Pitch it so we pitched it. We want it. We won the project as we on DH. What we had to do was not only come up with creative ideas become with scripts, the music and everything else that goes along with it with its always again ah, whole kind of personality for that promo that was going to be sent out to the world through the HBO to get people to sign up for HBO. Catch that season. The Sopranos and we got the project and then they were like, probably about 150, different types of endings we had to do and different types of versions. And they gave it to us When we were sitting there were like, all right, We're gonna figure this out in a way. Where No way we can crank all these out like 10 a day. Get him and get it to them. And then we would and they would be like you guys probably have, like three different infernos involved like No. I got a laptop and he's got an awkward G three. And we just We just know what we're doing. And slowly but surely HBO they saw how fast and how good They loved the design that we kept on coming up with. They just coming coming. And then you know Showtime was calling us. They want to know who was doing all this for free HBO and then we got on board with ESPN and then just nobles from the CIA, and I like what you said. It's like your work just kind of spoke for itself. So wasn't too hard to get people on board, and you also mention the constant educating yourself, and I think that's a key thing because ah lot of our entrepreneurs Washington listening, they want to identify those trends. Be at the forefront of where their industry is going, And I would imagine the fact that you educated yourselves so often really, really helped. Would you say that's true? Absolutely. And certainly with the technology were constantly testing out new products, new applications and figuring out if they could fit into our pipeline and how we could just constantly and continuously improve. Our workflow our speed our efficiency, And that was a big reason why only started perception. It was that game changer event in the industry that it's time to start moving things onto the desktop. And it worked. You know, when it came down to just being really smart with the tools and being really creative with them, and then convincing old school clients that this is the future, you know, it's okay if you're going to get as good, if not a better product for a lot less money, and probably most of the times faster. So do you think that creativity is something you either have or you don't have, or do you think that there's a way that you can nurture that creativity? I think it could be nurtured. But, you know, certainly there's I think innate creativity that you know some people have and they need to express more than others. You know, It was definitely part of the inner fire that both of us had. And we started perception. And we were at this company R J That was changing their entire business model at the time, which was a turning point in both of our lives because we both went Away from R. J and started to do different things. But we have this burning desire to go back to the world that we used to work in that R J was no longer doing so we have created for ourselves, and that's kind of Ah. A short version of the story of how perceptions started is that the two of us kept in constant touch after we both left our G A. And we're both really homesick for the work that we used to do, and we decided that we should take the plunge. Take the risk and given the existing technologies that were or around at that time it was possible. For two guys to do it so cool. Well, I want to talk to you more about that When we come back, we're going to take a short break. But when we come back, I want to discuss how you got where you are today. Because where you are is a place that a lot of our entrepreneurs would love to be. So sit tight. We are the biggest entrepreneur destination on.

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