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Is in northeast, by the way, they do a little bit of a twist. They do the T-Bone bingo. So there was seeing bingo rights I love bingo at a bar if you win a bingo, you get the T-Bone that's amazing better than cash or like. Okay. I do a cash, but I really like bingo up our Sates. Do you like Barbie go over like? In the wheel is kind of easy and quick like it just happened. I don't spin the wheel. I'm not as engaged in. I want a game of chance I like pole tabs, though, I have to do them 'cause my husband has never wanna pull tab ever, literally. He's never even dollar. He's the worst. Dollar. We just were at Bullhorn last weekend thirty dollars worth of dollar pole tabs and I gave him half. He did not get one winner. Oh my God. Yeah. It's terrible. Just so you know, like pull tabs bringing about one hundred eighty three point seven million dollars. They bring it in profits profits on the pole tabs. Uh-huh. Yeah. I know I was just reading about because people spend because this is like charitable gambling is what it's called the. So it's all into the same tab of when you can kinda buy a raffle ticket. Pull tab is the same ideas charitable gambling. And they said that these Minnesotans spend around thirty two million on these types of games. Dollars to sit and have your beer and pull your tabs or bet on your that. You're gonna win a Chuck rose. You know, what they're doing at this new this place in Saint Paul. That's been there forever. And they've remodeled it, and it's got tons of games in it. It's like tavern in Saint Paul Saint Paul tap. Okay. It is fun. They re engineered it. They have like this thing where you get a number and then they do a horse race. And if you're a horse wins, then you get a free drink. Oh that was fun too. Is like a fake course that they know it's real like horse racing. They've just show videos. But it's fun. So they've already happened. The worst the races already happened or you just like it's happening at.

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