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Welcome back to speaking of art on where Maria and now back to our interview how distinguished the turning gas sample the legendary rock and roll for manager and promoter welcome back Sam speaking of our American please read the the full day and America no one's getting there and no one in England got it out and got it I'm gonna go on the road and I'm gonna look England I'm gonna start it on hands and I'm gonna I'm gonna go up to the Firth of forth and find out what this place is all about yes you're completely not no one does that in Australia is a very American moment you're kidding I thought there'd be a I thought there'd be two million Paul Hogan's wandering around in the outback and you know going on the on the walk that doesn't happen notice that you notice that only in America America it has this kind of built in need to re invent it sell NH generation which I find not very advanced and that's what the router is not their own zone well that's what the Grateful Dead the Allman brothers and the band would do in a lot from nineteen ninety six the I threw about seventy six they reinvigorated a reinvigorated I agree and all things like re establish that and yeah I know my amazing energy was across the music is that you know so you had yeah Neil Young being installed and then you know then you just give me an alternate you know waited Alabama yes you know sweet home Alabama is it kind of all of your in thing and there was a dynamic involved it is a great you know she said you know creativity across the conjure saints would stop saying they they might control just saying the Lansing the staff was discussing the ally thing with the doors of great will you create your buddy happen in America but I was there fortunate enough you know degree that at that time but you know these things you know so why you that you ride as it were but it's also you know you got to pick the white that's a good step but I mean it's interesting because there are there are many great bank in San Francisco well I mean a one time body eleven bank right the company that I was wrong that's right but we can't be one great day that's what you know what Simulink something that I've talked about on the show briefly but you so definitely dead basically that search for the frontier is an endeavor that so many more I talk about it in the fine arts and I think we're in a dilemma right now how do you how do you make obsolete so many of your you know middle aged people and even younger with new technologies and keep them basically a day and keep them from the economy where do they go where's the west where's the frontier where is the Midwest and it to employ these people to grow so we're in kind of a crisis right now so what you're talking about is the British invasion basically handing back the American psyche in a way it's it's overall arching philosophy in finding the frontier and you were there at that time well I mean I think I think you're right I mean the thing about the autopsies you know right being music whatever it is a certain modicum of courage is given below the courage of the sixties was the courage of the internal expiration of the musicians that room well I mean LSD it should not be underestimated the effects in the contribution the estate had to the general level of creativity that was going on so it was a lot it was the lot number of the twentieth century in a way with people like to Quincy or PA or anybody else yeah but you see that the the you know get on a bus in cross in America right with the message all of the internal journey you know I mean is that is that buying the site you know the the the the journey is the destination thanks for your answer journey the experience of searching in this massive wonderful countryside cold America that experience in of itself right there's a medical guide inside and explore in one cell in this I think with the federal what the festival express was was all about Sam and a you know in the in in the beautiful documentary festival express the came out I think in three two thousand three captures Jerry in the others looking out the open cars at.

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