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Do, but that was one sure fire way to jump over your offensive and defensive line to get in the end, so we don't need frequent. Reggie in 1981. The Bangles unveiled new uniforms and I saw on YouTube. The interview Walt Mayor interviewing You and Glenn Bush knock about the new uniforms. I loved what you said about what a bangle uniforms should represent. Could you kind of reiterate that the Bengals were gonna get new jerseys? Uniforms This unveiled this spring. Where I sort of, uh, created the imagery. All of a pouncing tiger. You know that imagery from home or something? That I really like. And it was an honor to be the very first bangle to put on the stripe element. Ah, good booze. Knocker was with me who was my rookie year? Roommate and training camp. That's why we were so affable with each other. He knew he couldn't get that helmet on because that was seven size seven and he's I mean, I find six He's ah, plus five seven helmets, but none the left. I am interested in seeing what this blue uniforms will look for. Um, you know, I wasn't so in love. With the last uniforms, Sirisanont glass uniforms, Siri Produced no playoff wins, so we'll see what it looks like. Reggie was awarded the Byron Whizzer White Award for Humanitarian service Back in 1985. And what became the NFL. Walter Payton, Man of the Year award in 1986. And just your contribution. Scott, you were a City council member Reggie to so many It just so detailed and doing so many good things off the football field. What a credit to the league will appreciate the recognition of the very first thing that I did on the very first day that I made. The team was the look in the phone book and find the Cincinnati speech and hearing center and I went and volunteer. And they were so receptive to that because I had spent my childhood and Flint, Michigan going to classes at Michigan School for the death and at that time was called Michigan School for the deaf and dumb and that's why I created such a stigma. So one of the things I did dedicate my career, too was trying to give back and I was Important of it so glad he was the kind of city where was possible to really give back. Obviously, my fingers regret was not bringing home A Super Bowl ring to be deserving fans and I can only wish continued best wishes to the brown family that their decisions that affect all Cincinnati Bengal fans. Will be wise and will yield the benefits of Ah beaker ring for all of our great fan for centuries to come outstanding and Reggie of the book, resilient by Nature, reflections from a life of winning on and off the football field. Authored by you along with Jared Bell, so Tells him till the fans about this and in the forward is by Russell Wilson, which is a huge plus and I hopefully, eyes selling well for you. Just doing well, Thank you very much for enough time to talk about the book. Yes, Russell Wilson. Father, Harrison P. Wilson was my college classmate and good friends is a great guy. All the character that you see Reflected in Russell Wilson. You know his weekly visitation to the hospital, etcetera. Is this the kind of person that his father Awas? My book tells quite a bit of stories. I I talked about a lot of heroes that have like that. The great artist Ernie Barnes and my great teammates. Uh, kid Rally off the fellow. A few funny stories like a time with mean Joe Greene really proved to me that he was mean. And a number of different stories about our two Super Bowls. But the most thing is about being results that we all they're gonna overcome deal with adversity in alive. On. How are we going to face it and sent my career is ended. I've had 28 operations have had an aortic dissection. I've had a strong I've had four knee replacement. And yet you have to maintain a positive self image and a positive effort to continue to But it helped the people around you to make this a better world, especially during the pandemic time and really push everyone to really be safe and take care of each other. Reggie Williams with us for just a couple more minutes, and the book is there. This memoir follows the story of Reggie and gosh, an executive a Renaissance man, the epitome of determination in the face of extreme challenges. Nothing it man. That is so true, Reggie and I love the story of you at training camp. At Wilmington College, Man You didn't want a bad You wanted the floor and you didn't want air conditioning You wanted You wanted the heat, just like it was going to be on the field during practice. Yeah, I was a psychology major from Dartmouth, and I knew that you had to get into a certain mindset to accept the pain and the rigors. In the just plan playing NFL football expected back of the day when we played it when the wrong or rough and execution was even rougher. And so no, I didn't have any air conditioning. I don't have a fan. I sleep on the floor instead of a mattress time I got out of training camp. I was a hard and linebacker ready to do whatever it takes to help my teammates win a game. Reggie Williams. Where will you be tomorrow? Watching the Super Bowl. And who do you like? I will be in my own living room watching this game alone. I wish I was with my family friends and I would encourage a one toe. Please not make this a super spreader event. But I'm hearing Sarah phone now so There was, uh pound Kable Pope in support of Tom Brady in the Catholic Faith Buccaneers doing some magic. It is gonna be interested. You know, we talked about the heartbreak of the night before game. Stanley Wilson, which was one of the most dramatic things that happened totally unexpected. Even with the riots that week, you know, we felt the worst was over and they get to the You know the friendly combines up your hotel in really sort of reflect on how much of accomplished that everyone together, have the cops and lose one player. Wow, that really affected so the fact that you do have you know an issue with Coach Reed's son who's the linebacker coach? Being involved in a bad accident. That's kind of negative, Carl. It always sort of comes out that way. Unfortunately, Throughout the years, and I don't want to reflect the pun. You know Ray Lewis or the the Green Bay Packers, or, you know, at one time that sooner. Missed the game. I mean, there's always something before that night of a big game that carries over to the day of game and that's an unfortunate reality of time. What's on your menu for the game. Well, I will be cooking for myself will be too extravagant, You know, But I did go to the grocery store today and you know, I'll be ready to cook a good hamburger. But I do think that Kansas City will be the team to beat. And I do hope that Patrick a home did you to, uh, play well, but I'm always just looking for a good game. I just hope it's competitive down to the fourth quarter, and if it goes the old over time, it's a bonus. Reggie Williams can't thank you enough for your time. Always great catching up with you, Brother kick I appreciate you really wanna say after New Year 20. 21 to everyone in the theater and lifting ranges. W O W and I wish it was a great year. Ingrate continued success for America to get into this new presidency. With everyone coming together. Thank you so much, Reggie. I'm right there with you, man. Thank you, sir. Take care. Bye. Thank you. Bet the great Reggie Williams. Cincinnati Bangles. This is Chick Lodwick, 700 wlw. Anywhere you go. We go to.

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