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You want to be in America Needy, Got punk show on 700 wlw as getaway Day for the Reds, of course, try to take that series against the Mets. Winning yesterday. We'll see what happens this afternoon. We have 11 35 of the inside pitch. And then, of course, Reds baseball 12 30 ish here in the home, the red 700 wlw head of that to bring in Tyler Bradshaw, He's the executive director of the Joe Nuxhall Foundation. Joining to talk Reds baseball and, um, also the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Field and, of course, the golf outing to a benefit scholarships for student athletes in Butler County. Tyler, How are we doing? I'm good Bologna. It's good to be back with you. Thanks for coming on the show again. Um, All right. So for those who don't know, obviously many, many people know Joe knocks on. Maybe some younger people don't because sadly, it's been a while since his passing, but no one more critical. I think to the you know, I I really thought about this. I think he was almost a catalyst for the Reds Community fund. I don't want to take anything away from Charlie Frank and what the Reds have been doing for a long time. But That that giving back in generosity It really seemed to start pre, our CF with Joe Nuxhall. Yeah, And that's what you're exactly right. I mean, Charlie and the Reds Community Foundation. They're great friends of ours, and they do tremendous work. Uh, And I think Joe was the guy who really inspired this spirit of giving and and generosity throughout that entire franchise in that organization. I mean, he was He was the guy who was constantly even if he had not chosen hand need to get back up into the booth or something like that. If somebody stopped him for an autograph, he was going to give 20. He was just that type of guy. And really our foundation exist because it is the tangible manifestation of everything Joe was and everything. He thought it was important. Um and so jumping off of that you are the new executive director. Been there a little while, Um, if you're off and running For those who are not aware you hear the Joe Knox All Miracle League in the Joe Nuxhall golf outing, which we'll get to in a second. Let's talk about that real quick here. The Miracle League itself is and and as it was the lead, but the field itself to talk about that and what it means. An unbelievable facility..

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