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Man when that match happen like you know there was so much it's like damn what the Hell's going to happen right and so for me when cody came out with them Jeff. I'm like all right. You know this is what it's going to be because Jericho came out with Jake Hager For starters when he took that dive about what was it like a minute and a half into that match coach and split the shit out of his. I in like the first minute like I mean that was a deep cut and I couldn't even tell how deep it was until I I saw the pictures afterwards. But Damn you know it just was a gusher and then the back and forth in that match man again again it storytelling at its finest men like that match took you on such a roller coaster and for me. My favorite part of the match was more so the little things like The fact that they had cody's mom in the front row and the fact that cody went out to the ring and then made sure to go out and go hug his mind even during the match and then to have Jericho go out there and then waved to her. And then you know talk shit to her from the ring It's the little things. It was the the details that made that Such a great match and then the back and forth of it and then like again more details like when Jericho got the He got the walls of Jericho but it was like the old school. Like Lion Tamer type walls of Jericho Like that that that to me was what made that match awesome to me. It was the little details on what we're both of your guys thoughts on that for me. Like he's like you said it was like a lot of the little things My big takeaways from that match were toady all right so so it was company was founded by Cody Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks and they all have done great and here they all past the characters I think the two of shine the brightest are tenny. And Cody Kenny. You know showing a different side of enemy he. He was known for me more of a technical Matt Rent Type Guy. When new Japan you know doing his matches Moxley you see in a hardcore out of you really never saw pan which I think is great for this character but to me cody? Shine most out of them because he's literally giving his blood four four hundred this company like he is not afraid to lay out every single time. He's in that rank and like I said I've said before for years on this show. He's always been one of my favorite restaurants because to me he really has hit. You know I mean going off the when he was in Legacy Lucy I always wanted him to be the biggest one. Come out of that because even back then I could tell or in this time taking nights off you know. He wasn't giving a hundred percent. I just didn't see a hundred hundred percent of their lives in cody I saw and now I'm seeing that now. The He loves doing wrestling's he loves doing it and I was. I was waiting for as much as I wrote. MOXHAM must've are will make it. That was that's always waiting for and the story telling the he puts into every match he's is it storytelling. He had his match with his brother. You know the storytelling he had in this match. You won't see that in. WWe Or empathic. After I mean I could never imagine seeing that type of emotion and a match and then you have his quote unquote best friend Louis. Throwing the towel. How for him in a match someplace else? And that's to me as was taking a w up another notch for me is giving me something I haven't seen and in favor of the night. What about you? Well one thing that I thought there was I think he he kind of answered some of his critics and I've been one of them to Says leaving. WWE On his independent run working to Japan A and a lot of people kinda criticize him wrestling. WWe Style and not necessarily been able to You know switchover to warming any style and I think part of the reason why I saying this is because he's going to Jericho Jericho former. WWe Guy. So I think their styles were very wellness. Met So so as far as I in the Ring I. It's me if low very very well because as pope notre same style but where to me it it took another step is storytelling storytelling like you said. A cow You add these two guys having a good style class together then put the story on top of it. I fought mid one of cody's best I've seen especially since and left them and then the twist at the end with Mj. Turn on cody well. I think we all knew that was gonNA come eventually. I didn't think they were going to do it now. But I'm I'm looking forward to where they go from here because because we didn't been watching. WWE Long Time you kind of get conditioned they all were coming up in three or four weeks so they're probably going to have to blow off you. I'm not GonNa you know probably paint it off in a month but we don't. We're not sure when that next year's going to be try to be a first quarter by it'd be the the first quarter of the year so that's a while to go from from now until then so you're gonna see this play out every week on a dynamite. So now I'm more excited to see data might now. I WANNA see how this thing plays out. I think they're quarterly. Pay Per view works out for a wwe because you're not trying to jam packed a Lotta stuff into three or four week. Bill you have time to let your story last. Play out each each Wednesday night so devon looking forward where to go from there I agree with it completely because I think even know I said it when we were talking about it after we got off of all out you know I mean I was sure or that I was waiting for JFK. Turn that night but when it happened the way it did like I was saying and I was like he watched. Some bitch is getting ready to turn. I was telling the people that were sitting in front of us but the fact that I said that but then when they did it the way they did it. I still like you motherfucker. That shows shows that it was done. Well because I I was waiting for it and I still was like what the Fuck Catholic. Aw Drake born yeah. I heard that was a plant but Randy's telling me we got ten about ten minutes left so let's talk about Max versus mocks verses Kenny Omega I mean we're not going to be able to get into it in his full depth as we'd like to do you think it was too far. Do you think it was a good match. What do you think let me go? I got I wrap it up real quick. Do this was. This was probably the most brutal match I've ever seen on American television. I gotta I gotTa go back like F-. Twa's remember seeing something at this. Crucial Watching T.. Watching Kenny Omega crushed glass drag this man through glass put them in a sharp shooter. An Dan Watch moxley have to crawl through glass to grab a rope. I requested his match I literally like had turned away but I enjoyed it. I know some people. People don't don't enjoy it but I enjoyed it kyle. It was. Yeah I I mean I'm not a big call death match up a guy like I walk like I. That's actually how I found Moxley. I saw him years ago in a death match. I saw Kevin Steen one. Kevin Owens in one years ago. I don't seek CPOS matches out. I do like the fact that they did. And that's because it's counter program you you know if you're doing the same thing that impact ring of honor w w here than it does feel funny. Wait and you would not see in today's climate a death match on if they preview main eventing the papers and that's why I liked it because it was something I normally would not see. And that's what I'm asking for as a viewer as somebody that is GonNa be giving them my money reviews. Come here and I'll shirts suit. I want to get something I'm not GonNa get from the other guy and to me. That's what they gave I I I'm not doing critique it too much let's because it's not my type of bass you know it's like giving a real an orphan. I'm not being a whore so automatically just many but I I like the fact that they did it because it was something can you wouldn't normally see and they're giving you something if you liked that type of lesson. Well you know you actually might be able to get that and that's going to bring some people so I'm GonNa. I'm I'M GONNA chop this up as quick as I can That was the most wild thing I've ever seen in person ever in my life. I've Seen Helena sell. I've seen some crazy crazy. Shit on indies. I've seen hardcore matches. I've seen all that stuff. But dude like you said Devon like there were points in net match that literally made you just be like what the fuck is going on right now like when they did the mouse trap thing even when they just pulled the damn thing out. I'm like what the fuck and you can look at it and see that. The traps are all open K.. That's number one. Then then you you had the glass man we all everybody in my section was just like what the fuck. What the fuck as he's dragged through and you and it was like like it was making you cringe but you couldn't turn away? You know it was just I don't even I don't even know how else to put it. It was it was wild And then when you throw that in with the way they finished it by ripping up the Matt by hitting the DT Adt on the wood and all those things. I mean dude like the there were a lot of people that walked out on that match but those that were in the arena. Yeah like we none of us could turn away. It was just it by far was the craziest thing I've ever seen. What was crazy is when they when they fought when they fought back through the crowd they literally fought right in front of us and they were like beating the shit out of each other and the crowd too so like I mean that was a match that just the whole time dude? You're just you're on the edge of your seat it I i. I literally don't have words for it but all I can say is that it was by far the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. If you get a chance to go back and watch it I damn near your contemplated buying the pay per view just so I could watch it back. That's honest truth anyways Before we get out of here man like like we said be. CWA Is this Saturday We've got multiple past guests of the show that are going to be in the rumble match. You've got the frog gun you've got drug King Logan you've got a justin main when you've got all kinds of stuff that's going on Movado I believe will be in it as well And as we found out you know you got the pump and uglies or tagging up as well so I mean there's plenty of reason that you need to be obese. CWA this Saturday Copeland Center. Wyandotte Michigan We gotta see what's going to happen out of this studio eighty he six as we learned at the last show H Three R D. You know challenged Blackwell in studio eighty six that if they're going to give them another title shot that if they lost that studio eighty six needed to disband There's Bro there's so so much stuff going on and be. CWA If you haven't been there and you haven't felt that energy that's in the room Like I said man. It's it's going to be a hell of a show. Well I wish I was there man Kinda sad right now. You're gonNA cry again.

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