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You can register online at Towson workshop dot com now here's another look at your exclusive WCB M. weather channel forecasts this does not feel like made this is warm but the temperatures cool down over the weekend slight chance of a thunder shower this afternoon eighty six a few showers tomorrow AT Sunday one or two showers seventy the high I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS currently at power plant live in downtown Baltimore it's eighty five and it's AT and however the greatest reporting a two oh six on Michael Philip L. A. U. six eighty WCBS am news W. C. B. M. studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solutions visit safe retirement solutions dot com four one zero two six six eleven twenty the Rush Limbaugh show starts now on talk radio six eighty WCBS by the way stand by you know this is somebody's nine thirteen all right my friends we're back last and final busy broadcast our open line Friday one last chance for you to talk to me share with me what's on your mind when you think about what a program note I'll be gone Monday and Tuesday probably Wednesday may as well just probably it was a pleasant surprise but don't count on once every three weeks ago on the the treatment in the stands in the those things but I promised you I would not be talking about a promise you I'm not going to turn this show.

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