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How long does it take to get a copy so takes normally two weeks is what they say takes in my experiences that they're pretty good about that so that's two weeks from win against to them so obviously if you do a digitally that's two weeks if you mail it it's going to be a few additional days as you mentioned Whether you're ankle digital or paper Once you complete the form you need to take it to a notary and sign front neutering. Heaven notarize it. That's very important. That's for your privacy in your protections so A lot of folks asking. How much does this cost. Antonio only cost is the notary stamp. And now you can skip the stamps. Really the only cost to doing this is just Usually it's about five dollars. Get something notarized. So i actually did this for myself earlier this year just to see what's on my own record turns out. It was nothing on the record. But i've really really glad to be able to pull that up and make sure and this is also a good way to make sure that. Somebody's not fraudulently lee using your information to get a driver's license which i have seen previously. Wow that's something. I wasn't thinking about but really good advice right. There are last question number. Eight for those that are career. Pilots is is this. that part. is this part of that process. We go through when we try to get higher with an airline it is. This is one of the items it gets. Pulled during a prayer request or pre pilot record improvement act nineteen ninety-six allows airlines to look for records from your past and this is one of the things that will come up so again if you're a career pilot especially if you're younger individual This is a good time to whole bats before you go through and make sure that everything on there is correct and that there is anything on your driving record. It gives you a chance to get with a career coach and figure out exactly how you're going to address that in european awesome chris. This has been great. Fa looking at your driving record at sure is and here's some great advice if you have any other questions. Of course you can ask chris bazala and go to the law. The robert strimmer at www dot strimmer law dot com. Chris i really appreciate you coming here any last thoughts before we close here. Well as always. If you don't have anything on your record drive safely and Thanks for having carl. Yeah it's been great great advice just drive safely but We all know things happen Go through these questions by all the links are going to be below in the description Things like the pre requests national driver registry the frequently asked questions the form that they put together at the law as robert strimmer and you can actually reach out to them at streamer law dot com. We appreciate you're watching this video. And don't forget to subscribe below and click on the bells. You get notified each time. He come out with these type of videos. And don't forget this if if you're looking at this video and and you're just thinking about what i need to do for my career. Just don't stop here. Make sure you do something today to move forward in your career in your life. You doing that by watching this. We appreciate you and we'll talk to you in the next episode. Take care lie safe out there. You have been listening to aviation careers. Podcast aviation podcast about living your dream and pursuing an exciting aviation career. This aviation podcast is produced by the valeri aviation corporation. Although host or guests may receive compensation for products and services discussed in this podcast. Compensation never influences our opinion before purchasing any product or service. You should always do your own research..

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