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Wide conversation that i think his paramount. Now it speaks to your point of this. We don't want to just exist in areas. The you know sort of silos expertise where we work in a one agenda. It invites people to come in and for us to openly and transparently recognize that in order for us. To to of all of us succeed we will have to work together. I think that's really important with the puck causes that we skimmed. We only touched the surface of some of these subjects. And so the hash tag. I want to live on. I won't the hashtag equal to to trigger further debate further conversation even criticism. We didn't beyonce's we also were so excited to bring in so many different voices but we know there's more out there and other experts in different countries where we didn't get reach and so if anything if we can leave this legacy behind from this particular project is awareness that we were all in this together and we're looking for answers and we're looking to better the lives of absolutely everybody with disability. That's all hope so. I hope the hashtag equal to creates a life of its own and also the other podcasts into the market by other disabled people being producers scriptwriters host. Picking up where we left off as you said excavating the questions. We didn't get to in the solutions. We couldn't build on the voices that are missing. Their stories have changed in time. I really listened to that because they can't just be one and they're never should be true. Success is making sure that there is a coffee. Podcast episodes led by those minority voices marginalized communities. I can't wait to subscribe wherever you get your whatever you get your focus i tell you what as well just looking ahead at what we've got coming up and i and i do again. I recognize that imitation of the paralympics. But knowing what we've got coming up and knowing these compensations can go a known what we've just done here by using the tokyo games are as our platform to trigger some of these compensations. I hope that we start to see. Let just like you say compensations cropping up around the paris games around the wall away but you know these these these are again. It's it's the start of something. And i think that's a copy forgotten. We sort of shift back into. I don't want us to get lazy. I guess is what i'm trying to say. I don't want to get lazy with representation of disability sport. Because it's more than that. The the problem picks have the potential to do more than that. And that's exactly what we've just seen. We do more sophie. You're talking about the upcoming games in power in los angeles and i think we've talked a lot today about this. Podcast being a vehicle for awareness education and advocacy. But i think what's next is action on when you and i both signed up to be part of this. What intrigued me. Most was thought it was also an opportunity to listen to build ideas to build a new road map for the conversations. The interviews that need to happen in the next step of the journey of rising phoenix which is a documentary on that fixed the charts the success and the challenges of power olympics and paralympic athletes on. I think what has been so wonderful is again going back to this notion of nothing as with ashes. How do we create a decade of content. Abegg disabled people. If we don't embed their ideas innovations concerns and questions as part so now that we've done this round of listening there will be more listening. Of course we can actually begin to embed the brilliant perspectives that were part of the sex episodes. They it really meaningful and actionable drive. I think yeah. I think accountability matters to me as well at the moment. I feel moving forward if we all going to be able to achieve what we talked about so often in this podcast so many of the goals that we all share accurate representation stronger leadership increased visibility. All of these things that we're striving for inclusive design. I mean the list goes on. I think it really hawks back to we need. We need to be making those decisions for ourselves. We need to be given those opportunities to create meaningful kind of Roles and and i think unless that we find a way to hold people to account when we aren't getting it right we we will also struggle so i think it's really a bit of a call to action now as well to to cool out and to hold accountable where we get it wrong and to also celebrate and point to best practice when we see it this work will never be done because people are ever changing as is the world so look. We're in for long brilliant right. It go throughout these podcasts. We've heard from so many people about their experiences. As a disabled person or about ways in which non disabled people have seen the need for real change. It's been a privilege to listen to their stories here experiences and witnessed their ambitions and whilst i am filled with hope that things can and will improve over the next decade you will. I hope for. Give a certain dose of healthy skepticism. But i think we should leave the last quote to someone who can make a considerable difference to what the paralympic movement will achieve the decade ahead. The president andrew parsons so really proud. Really proud but is only the beginning and i want to feel. Even prouder at the end of this ten year journey will look back on and if we could really say look. We made a difference. We have contributed to create more inclusive societies. We know that it's impossible to tackle the whole world with one initiative or series of initiatives because the different levels of development of nations Coaches you know different parts of the role. They react differently so We want to make. That's why we keep saying societies because we need to understand the national context and really work in every one of the two hundred plus stations around the world. These podcasts have been made possible because of the support. Proctor and gamble p. g. share our ambition to create a more equal world a world where everyone can have equal access and the opportunity to thrive. We are very grateful for their partnership in making these conversations reality sixty one percent of people with a direct involvement in the production of the podcast including guests identify as disabled. This podcast was created by greg nugent. Co-founder of harder than you think. I'm sophie morgan. Your host and executive producer fellow executive produces sinead burke greg nugent barnaby spurrier norah. I'm mark pritchard and kimberly brainier. Thank you to the. Ipc and channel four for their support and use of archive material. Thank you to our pocus. Production partner strip media and also to seneca women for their assistance with distributing. This show if you want to follow the equal to story and join the conversation hashtag equal to go to our website. Hd y. t. 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