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Sponsored by progressive insurance. I'm Matt piper. Hawks in the Republican party are fuming over President Trump's abrupt decision to pull some US troops from Syria, a move, they say he made without consulting them the White House and Pentagon are offering sparse details on how such a withdrawal will work. Retiring Republican Senator Bob corker is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. It's called everybody off guard doubt, there's anybody in the Republican caucus in the Senate that just doesn't stunned by this precipitous decision that just like you woke up in the morning and made it I'm Stephen Portnoy at the White House officials are pushing back against fellow Republicans insisting the mission of US troops in Syria has been accomplished. And adding it's the president so prerogative to bring them home. But that view isn't unanimous within the administration. One senior official tells CBS news, it's a catastrophic disaster. In addition to withdrawing servicemembers, the US's scrambled to pull. Out. Some two dozen diplomats who've been working to rebuild Syria. The Senate has approved a stopgap spending measure that will keep the government open until February without President Trump's requested five billion dollars for a border wall. Mr. Trump said last week, he would be proud to shut down the government to get funding for that wall political analyst Larry Sabato, Trump will be negotiating not with an all Republican House and Senate, but rather with a democratic house and a Republican Senate and even in the Senate he will need sixty votes, which means he has to find seven Democrats to agree. The spending measure now goes to the house of representatives and would have to be signed by Mr. Trump healthcare dot gov continues to be popular CBS news correspondent Pam Coulter. Texas federal judge has ruled the law unconstitutional, but the Affordable Care Act may have nine lives beating predictions of its collapse. There was an unexpectedly strong number of sign ups for health coverage next year the centers for Medicare. And Medicaid services says nearly eight and a half million people had enrolled as the deadline last Saturday about a dozen states have yet to report their numbers. Pam Coulter CBS news, you probably remember that image of that dog. It was an image that touched the hearts of a nation..

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