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Alan white has worked at the coroner's office about five years it was last Thursday evening the kids have some reports while on duty white crashed in office van on highway three near new berry hill road that's in the Silverdale area and his blood alcohol cut came back more than twice the legal limit at point one nine he told the trooper who pulled up that he'd been run off the road by another vehicle hit a road sign and support for the overpass he's saying he had left the coroner's office in the vehicle the used to transport bodies to bring food to his family there was nobody in the back at the time he claims he had been drinking the always says unsteady and taking Effexor which is the medication commonly used for depression or anxiety and also took Tylenol with codeine Carly Johnson come on news here's what's coming up after we check traffic and weather to political billboards are pushing buttons around the country I'm Brian Calvert and one of the players involved is based here five thirty four check your Tripoli Trafficante air Jordan is watching what commute and this what can it's not helping some of our dries we have a crash right now in Marysville south on I five near state route five to nine the right lane is blocked in your RV solid most of the way from a hundred and sixteen so Arlington ever take you twenty five minutes and that number is growing quickly that's a real issue in north Arlington we have a crash on highway nine south of thin settlement road and all lanes are blocked in both directions there's no real easy close alternate you could head for I. five or you could use fifteenth or fifty nine to slowly help you get around that scene north at one six seven is busy through much of Sumner were also slowing go from highway eighteen to two seventy seven north bound I five is hitting the brakes from highway sixteen to river road and then it stop and go traffic from highway eighteen to canton one right it looks like we're also starting to fill in more as your protein the convention center our next couple traffic I'm five forty four and the weather forecast improving weather decreasing showers mostly cloudy today the high temperature right about where it is at the moment mid to upper fifties overnight lows in the mid forties and so we will be cooling off a little bit overnight mostly sunny and fifty five tomorrow mostly sunny and sixty degrees on Thursday traffic and weather brought to you by the Washington state department transportation and good to go heads up telling for the ninety nine total begins November ninth get your free good to go sticker pass at ninety nine tunnel dot com while supplies last and save two dollars every time you tunnel como this time five thirty six how far can you go when it comes to putting your political beliefs on a Billboard almost Brian Kelberg has more live on the northwest based clothing company that's.

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