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For some redemption, the former Tennessee volunteer running back. I will tell you my first Jalen Hurd memory is when I was watching Tennessee play. And he was there. I was I was texting my Tennessee friends. And I was like why is the inferior running back? Keep getting the ball that Kamara dudes got juice, but wide receiver at Baylor. He put together some pretty darn good tape that hurts man. That's a that's a that's a pet cat right there. Yeah. Man. Jalen Hurd was really fun. Jalen her or sorry. Sorry KT. The Niners drafted both of my favorite receivers. It gets ten though. Like, okay, we're gonna watch Jalen her wide receiver. I have this negative connotation with Baylor wide receivers. And then you watch him, and you know, the backstory being running back and you'd go. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. We'll get him. Catch with the hands over the minute. As a player to take a hit by linebacker now. Look at this guy. Yeah, man. I just that's pretty good spot. Man, have fun. San Francisco need help them out with wide receivers too. So I really liked that pig Jeff. They've got some secret audio do let's get to it. So tristen hill we saw them in the war room. We saw them on the phone with trista hill when they made the pick. And of course on Dallas Cowboys dot com. Five three the fan. We always bring that right to you. Here is Tristan hill finding out. He's a Dallas cowboy. Tristen HALE will McClay with the Dallas Cowboys got somebody who wants to talk to you. Hey, man, how you doing? Hey, man, you got a hell of a job in that room. With highly impressed. Cokes. How you doing man? Fantastic. Fifty seven picks so excited still..

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