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On, like? Well, we're looking good on most highways today. Suzanne that includes the upper end of Rue Bonne. It's wide open today from the Tobin Bridge up to the Lynnfield Tunnel. I've got 20 minutes for a drive time. They're not too bad. 93 is clear off the Zaken Bridge all the way up to the New Hampshire border. Nothing in your way there stay my deal with 1 28 All is well between Wall, Fam and Beverly. For those coming into the city this afternoon, no problems on the lower deck of 93. It's clear onto the second bridge. Eventually into the O'Neill Tunnel. The leverage down ramp looks good. The Tobin Bridge is nice and empty. And Storrow Drive looks good. Both ways by mass have things we're good on the mass Turnpike. The volume is light, moving along steady out through Natick into framing him eastbound in good shape for those coming in that way as well. Things are clear on the expressway. No worries in or out of the O'Neill tunnels. Today, Route three Looks like a nice Sunday afternoon drive down pass through 1 39. All the Cape Highways are good that condemned includes the canal roads and the bridges and 95 south and easy ride down through Mansfield and Attleboro. Today, my king WBC's traffic on the threes window world of Boston is the choice to make to save on energy bills every season, beautify your home with award winning windows, doors, siding and roofing. Guaranteed everyday, affordable Prices Visit Window world of Boston dot com. Now that's window world of boston dot com in the forecast cloudy tonight Low 28 tomorrow cloudy and cold with some snow just a coding to an inch with sleet and freezing rain,.

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