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This is from yesterday. Look for the permanent A-List singer, in quotation, marks to be out and about all the time over the next few weeks to show, she is not being held captive. The thing is, though, each excursion is heavily regulated and monitored and will end in a second if anything out of the ordinary occurred so to your point, this is proof positive. That, that's exactly what's going on. Because look she's out and about, but really what you're not seeing. I think this is what you're saying. The scenes this is all heavily manipulated so that you think she's out about her own. Yeah. So the videos that exist were the Papa rot. So follows her to the car and she gets in the front seat in the driver's seat. There is like a bodyguard there with her who opens the door for her and lets her in. But you never see you never see the car pulling away. You never see her just driving down the road, footloose and fancy free. It's like it's all done. It's all choreographed, including the paparazzi. Oh, I know. Conspiracy theorists that we are. But it is all about. That's not a conspiracy. Nine. Twenty years ago. Sure if a pop rats. If somebody was taking photos of celebrity, it's because they there that's still exists, but nine times out of ten now, the people that show up to take photographs or to take video have been tipped off because celebrities, essentially, you know, let's be real after I don't wanna bring back all the way back, but I will after Princess Diana died. Celebrities started to change the way that they interacted with the media because they were like fine if we can't beat them. Join them best way to control them is to give them the access that they want, but on their terms and over time those organizations through difficult economies have become lazy and can't afford to do you know the. The work that like, you know, there's no tabloid equivalent of the New York Times. Right. Exactly. So you and you have to rise at the same time of outfits, like TMZ, who the only way that they can get a name for themselves getting access directly from the celebrity symbiotic relationship, where more and more you have the celebrities, creating the opportunities for the press to get what they want in the press doesn't care what they get. Right. Headline is long as they get the opportunity to have cliques and make money off the picture. Exactly. Sure. We'll show up for your dumb thing and pretend like it just happened that Bob was Layton outside the waffle hut. Yeah. For Britney Spears. And you know what can happen is the celebrity can ignore any of the questions and then answered very, selectively only the questions that fit the narrative of whatever reason they're there, for example in one of the paparazzi videos that I saw. Yes. Yesterday. Britney Spears, as she's walking to the car with her boyfriend Sam 's Gari, the Popper out so asks, her will you go on tour again? The Popper also had said about six other things to her. But it was that thing that she chose to reply to. And she looked directly at the cameras that oh yeah. I'll be on stage again. And then back at it like they were gonna she was getting nor him and got into the driver's seat of the car. And that was the end of the video. So you never see the car drive away. You never see back up. And like I said that minders there the entire time like ushering her to the car. It's very interesting and frankly, even not to get to deepen conspiracy. But we're talking about Britney Spears. So why not because we're already there. It would not surprise me. At some point that even if you don't believe the scenario is slated out in as we've been talking about it where, you know, they're tipping off the paparazzi to show up. I mean, are you honestly, trying to get me to believe that like people that are responsible for an empire lake Britney, Spears wouldn't be above paying off the paparazzi? Like, even if Harvey Levin doesn't know anything about it, but I don't have any doubt that he is. But let's say that even he doesn't.

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