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Is Cova nineteen sexually transmissible. That was the first question. We tackled novel. Corona virus began to upend our lives and we asked. We didn't wait for you guys to ask us. We got experts on the phone and put the question to them right away because we knew people would want to know the answer. I wanted to know the answer and the answer was basically. Well Duh of course loco. Vid Nineteen isn't classified as a sexually transmitted infection. You can catch it if someone breathes or cops sneezes near you. The virus can also survive on surfaces. So if you get close enough to someone who has it and may not be showing symptoms as most people who have it are awesome dramatic if you get close enough for a or B or Pim intercourse beans vagina. Pearson Peterson mouth or Emo V. Malcolm China or as on face hell if you get close enough to someone just to kiss them. You're going to be within sixty eight of them whether the virus was present in semen or vaginal secretions wasn't yet known. We were told that it hadn't been found in those bodily fluids but it wasn't clear anyone had looked for it in those bodily fluids but there was no question really that sex could transmit the corona virus. Which is why. I'm a little worried about people who read the headline in the Salt Lake City Tribune last Friday with out bothering to read the story. That headline you cannot transmit corona virus through sex. A New University of UTAH. Study Finds Courtney Tanner reports on two studies. One tested the semen intestines of thirty four men. In Wuhan China all the men at tested positive for the virus but none of the samples of semen of the balls showed signs of corona virus. All thirty four. The subjects had mild cases and the sample size was small. But the results were significant. No virus detected in their spunk or their junk. Another study looked at ten women with severe cases of cove nineteen infection a smaller but sicker sample size. And no sign of. The virus was founded there vaginal secretions. Either if I may digress for a moment spunk splurge come Jisr Baby Better. So many Avakian instantly understandable slang terms from jacket but always seemed to have her badge. Secretions is badge. Secretions is not right. Anyway it's kind of a paradox unlike Zeka and a bola which are present and semen and vaginal secretions and can be transmitted sexually. The novel Corona Virus according to these studies isn't present and Semen. Vaginal Secretions and technically can't be transmitted sexually. But you're definitely going to get infected. You get close enough to someone who has it to have sex with them. Tanner makes that clear in her story. Ten paragraphs into her story the virus can be spread through other intimate contact. Which is why we have to stay six feet away from others when possible. It almost certainly would be transmitted if you're kissing someone it's advise them. That partners wanting to have sex do so only. If they're already staying in the same household yes that is what's advised. That's what we've been advising people from the start all along. Fuck the people you live with unless you live with your parents in which case you know don't but basically these two studies haven't changed anything that I worry and worrying is what I do best at. I worry that won't be the takeaway for anyone who just read the headline. You cannot transmit corona virus through sex and we know. Most people only read the headlines. Perhaps I'm being an alarmist. Anyone who listens to the show regularly is familiar with the self-serving rationalizations horny. People are prone to engage in Dick. Full thinking twaddell thinking it gets us in trouble which is why we need to keep reminding people even if the virus is in present in. Pearl Jam or Agile Secretions. Sex with new partners can definitely transmit corona virus at least until someone opens that chain of glory holes power washed and disinfected between each use. But I talked about on the show all right coming up on. Today's show on the micro free edition of the savage. Love cast. Dr Daniel West strike is back to give us an update on you guessed it. The Corona virus and the Magna edition of the savage love Cast Caitland. Boden from the bad S. Army joins us to talk about revenge. Porn where are we now in the battle against it less tons of accused tons of.

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