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Root for him, but I can't imagine how it's not going to work out for him in Philadelphia. And the conversation has been since he got the gig there is that he's not a long-term threat at quarterback in this league. I hear that so many times. Like, what is it, is it his size? I told you what I think it is, what it is, is what happened in college to him. But I think that's proving that that was a weird outlier because tua isn't this all world quarterback. Right, and he still lost his gig to him. And then he sat behind him. And then he goes to Oklahoma and doesn't win the Heisman Trophy because everybody did that for Lincoln Riley. And then he's chosen second round by the eagles and they overdrafted him. That's the way I'm thinking it. Because you're looking at him and his skill set is remarkable and maybe it's the fantasy versus the reality world. He's a pro bowler in the fantasy world. That's for sure. He's going to win you a fantasy league. The question is, can he win you this regular league? And he counted for 73% of the offense for the Philadelphia Eagles in Detroit. And they now got him not just any wide receiver. They got him a Pro Bowl wide receiver who, as you just heard, he's known for a long time, and he's been tight with for a long time. AJ Brown and he didn't just shake hands and meet for the first time. He was on the phone with him on draft night to make sure it was happening. That it was going according to what he was hearing was the plan. And the eagles offense has not seen a receiver like him in some time. I guess, like I said, earlier this week, all Shawn Jeffrey, is that the big tall, wide receiver that they physical wide receiver? I mean, they want a Super Bowl with him. So the Heisman thing too is so weird. You know who he lost the Heisman to? Oh, only the greatest college quarterback season ever in Joe burrow 60 touchdowns. Here's another thing I think that the reason why there's less than an again, I know I got a tweet from somebody who's on their locally saying, I don't watch their games, he didn't perform very well down the stretch last year, but it was the end of his first full year as a quarterback in the NFL. And not everyone again comes out of the box like mahomes and Lamar and Herbert. But the eagles have had tons of draft picks in their back pocket for the following year just in case they want to draft somebody. Yeah. So they've been, they've been hedging a little bit too. Could you imagine could you imagine if he does blossom into what we're seeing? And what I'm positing, could you imagine he does that? And then you start using those draft picks to protect him and add weapons on defense as well. We thought they were into Sean Watson landing spot. Correct? Because of all those picks. Or the landing spot for another Alabama quarterback. Going to be Bryce young, CJ Stroud, JJ McCarthy, when he's a very? Stex and Bennett. Let's go. Let's get some Heisman love for that kid. Garrett Schrader? Shout out cues? All right, we'll take a look at more of the weak two schedule for you when we come back some games that I've targeted that are interesting to me. And you guys said, I have not heard this sound bite yet. Buck showalter on social media. Correct. Just in case you're thinking, I guess the way that you've been telling me how buck was talking about it. It's great. The fact that there's a very tight race with a lot at stake atop the NL east because either you get a week off or you don't. To kick off the playoffs, either you get to set your pitching the way you want, or you don't. And you've got to play against a wildcard team that's hungry or you don't. I guess it's not getting to the skipper of the metropolitans. That's for sure. So that's all next before miles Garrett of the browns and the brilliant dick ebersol who's got a new book out joins us an hour too. 8 four four two O four rich being the number to dial here on the program. If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. That's true in your business is growing fast and even more true when there's so much uncertainty, inflation up, down all over the place, not every business is in the dark. Over 31,000 businesses know their numbers because they use NetSuite by Oracle.

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