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Overpasses after yesterday's mess still frozen Main roads not too bad in most cases, but caution again this morning, there was an accident North Better 28 in Fairfax County, Willard Road to Right lanes, Their clothes and a broken down vehicle was on South found 3 95, just after the 14th Street bridge that just got moved off the roadway now from garage to repair dot com The WMDs don't much seven forecast. It really is a deceptive combination of freezing mist, Drizzle and even freezing fog above freezing at 11 a.m. everywhere this morning, and then it's on to 39 degrees with some melding today. This weekend will be even colder, but at least it's going to be drawing with sunshine 33 degrees on Saturday, a gusty wind 37 degrees on Sunday on ABC seven meteorologist Veronica Johnson and this moment seven Weather Center right now it is 27 in Leesburg, 29 in Waldorf 31 at Reagan National. I'm John Matthews on one. Oh 5.9 FM. Washington's mall. W M A L. Now Washington mornings on the mall. Hey, Good morning to you 507 w n a l where Washington comes to talk coming up this morning. 6 35, Mark Krikorian. Joins us. We'll talk immigration with him as the Biden administration advances a gigantic amnesty package on Capitol Hill more on that coming up seven. Oh, five. We talk to Corey de Angelis, one of the greatest voices on getting our schools. Reopened. And, more importantly, our students educated whatever format that can happen, It's 7 35. We talked to the new CEO of Parlor B, embattled social media app and then at 805 Way Talk to New York with Seth Baron, managing editor of the American Mind and author of the upcoming book Last Days of New York, that state in the midst of chaos because of its Crazy governor. I'm Vince colonies with great Beverly Hallberg. Not crazy at all from the district Media group in the Independent Women's Forum in this morning for the Great Mary Walter, Who's out today, Beverly. Good morning. Maybe a little crazy. Just a bit The good morning to you The right kind of crazy. Exactly The kind of crazy we need this morning..

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