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Tonight turns eighty five years old today. Her name is Barry chase. And as far as I can tell. She's still last surviving member of the movie. It's a mad mad mad mad world, which for me is one of my comedy movie bibles, or whatever you wanna call it. I I just love that movie. It's ridiculously long. I don't think I've watched it from beginning to end in years, but I will still throw it on the DVD player. And for whatever reason it pops up on TV, I'll watch segments of it is just stinking hilarious. And it's cast at one point was just legendary virtually every funny person ever walked the planet earth was in into madman world. Sid Caesar buddy Hackett, Milton Berle, dick, Sean, Phil silvers Jonathan winters, and then Tonge cameos, Don Knotts and Jerry Lewis and Jack Benny, and and Jim back is actually he has much more than in cameo. It's just load it it's just loved this movie. I don't know how started but some time ago me, and my brothers started keeping track of who was still alive. That appeared and intimate mad world. And all those names are just read it all to you have all been passed away for a while. Now, there might be somebody who was in the background of a scene right on that count. But Barry chase turns eighty five years old today and do yourself a favor and Google image. Barry chase. It's a mad man man made world she plays a woman who doesn't even have a line in it. She's this insane woman in a gorgeous black bikini dancing with dick show on it's hard to describe the scene, except she's really was smoking hot. And when I saw the movie I was a little kid. I move I ever saw on the Wildwood boardwalk back when seen a movie in Wildwood boardwalk, was was a big deal. And I remember I wasn't even ten years old. And I remember going what is that? When Perry chase appeared on screen so years later, I got to meet her. I went and saw it's a mad mad mad mad world. At the original theatre got released in in Cinerama. In fact, it's called Cinerama theater town here in LA and Barry chase was added speaking after along with some other people, including a couple of people who were in the movie who have since passed away, and that I wanted to say was Marvin. And one of them only like five years ago, but Google image unbeliev out smoking. She was in her Brian. And I have no idea. What else she did with her life? None zero don't, but she's in into madman may made world and she's still living. So here's to you, Barry. Keisha gorgeous creature you let's say hi to want on ninety four WIP Heyman. Hey, big daddy. Thanks for taking my call. You got it. Everybody's talking about the controversial trying to create a controversy about Nick foles and Carson Wentz. But I think he started the first two games of the year. And I know the one game they won, I guess Atlanta. But I don't recall who the other game was that they lost. They lost. I think. Yeah. All right. But I didn't think he looked at good. And he's I two games. So I don't know why they both have five hundred records for the year. So I guess I don't understand what the big group. Wenches record is below five hundred. I believe. One two three. So that would automatically mean I. Not too. But if you're trying to understand why people are high on foes, it damone is because it's at the moment. He just one Sunday night any game. Nobody not who's going to win. So that's why the name has become hot again for very good reason. I understand that didn't sound like he did do. Well, I did. But I'm also I'm very fond of boats quarterbacks whatever. But I think. Escape thing is today. It's always demand. But at the same time, I grow you don't wanna see anybody bash scarf, some winds because I think he's going to be the quarterback of the future. So trying to think if I don't think I took one call last night from anybody who bashed Carson Wentz. Did I take any calls? Some people think even if lunch was healthy poll should be distorted next week. Absolutely. But I don't think I took not one call line. Anybody who bashed Carson Wentz? Okay. The the year the four CS. Yeah. Okay. So I like Carlton for baseball. I like champion for basketball Clark for hockey like Carol Carmichael for the eagles. And they are my four my friends. So we will put you on hold, and I will personally mail out that Brian Dawkins keychain to you. Yeah. Tough call between. Cunningham and Carmichael and Trent Cole had ninety sacks. Also had a pretty good career for the eagles. But it came down to comment. Gore Cunningham for me, and Randall certainly could be dynamic the ultimate weapon. But you know, Carmichael was just so steadied consecutive game. Completion record that he held mentally to me. He plays in one hundred and sixty games for the eagles were Randall played in one hundred and twenty two. So I and I get it no season with Minnesota actually played more than one season. But it was just so spectacular. But looking at him strictly this is not about who had the overall better career who had the better career as an eagle as if Philly. Now, Clark and Chamberlain and Carlton. Yes. Slam dunks tougher. Call. Between a Random House tougher. Call. And you know, what's really weird Abani? I I I don't, you know, interview players. I don't get to know them. Yet. I got to know both those guys. Randall on how random random probably wanna know me the bumped into me walking down the street but way back in the day like around nineteen ninety four ish or so. I actually I mean Cunningham we're spending a lot of time in the same CBS building. And I got to know him a little bit. He was an interesting guy and ninety four WIP used to have this summertime bash thing on the beach down and Wildwood crashed in two or three years ago. Howard Carmichael was adding an attorney was a big fan of my show. And like really was you know, was able to write off different things that they do on the show now challenging. Throw them eat them. I'm I'm still at that point. I really am. When I get to meet certain players. I have not become jaded because I've been doing this for a long time in any way. I swear to God. And when I got to meet Howard Carmichael. It was a thrill for me because Howard Carmichael is a great. Eagle somebody you know, I I saw virtually play every single game ever played for the birds. So the nod goes ever so slightly to Howard Carmichael. And I know there will be some people that will take an issue with now if you wanna get a head start on tomorrow night's letter greatest Phillies, six supplier eagle whose last name begins with the letter d semi tweet. Follow me on Twitter at big anti-grand. Like me, I'm Facebook. I'm not taking calls on tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. Not tonight. But if you want to get a head start do that now take a look at all four teams, and then decide what play would represent that letter. The best Derek is on ninety four WIP. Hey, derek. Hey, big daddy. How you doing great? You know, what this is during the buzzer never had the opportunity. I've never had the opportunity to speak before. WIP God never talked to you on your show. Thank you for taking my call. You just want a brand new car. Well, I'm gonna put something in front of you. What your first of all the majority of all you degree one call to with quarterback. And I'm the same way. I'll believe they check this out. What happens? This is. Thing. It's a possibility. Especially looking at the fact, right? New orleans. North carolina. Right. So we get it. Right. And Nick foles not only in the playoffs. But. I'm okay. They'll probably unlikely. I'm an optimist dying day. So if this happened, right? Do you believe that despite the fact recall with is awesome? Would you deserve and shot trailing K to compete for the starting job? First of all once won't excuse me. I would doubt that foles would even be in training camp. The only way would be in training camp is if because it in fact, just painted like a pretty crazy scenario that folds would win two Super Bowls in a row. But if that would happen, then eagles might move away from Winston decide pulses are guy that might happen. But that's the only way that would happen because he's a totally free agent. And he's going to want a good deal on a lot of money. And I take the eagles have decided that once his guy. But if what you say happened, then I take that with change. I did the eagles would have no choice then but to. Signed foles and not signed Carson Wentz. It would be really difficult not to bring and it's not like he's older. He won't be thirty at the beginning of next season. All right. So I mean, that's not old old. I'm in is four years old and in wentzel be once it'll be twenty six but God forbid if that happened and falls is starting quarterback to both playoff runs. And they went to Super Bowls in row. Yeah. Then I'd take he would be back and went would be elsewhere. Okay. Now, you know what I never even entertain that idea. But thankfully, because here's the thing about the right? This is okay. At the beginning. Little we traded Bradford away. Yeah. You think that was actually to the storm in the fire? Like I wanted to see he'll be opportunity right to you know, be on the sideline and learn the gay. Hold on. Hold on. What did it lead to lead to the following year? Wentz was at eleven and to before he got hurt. So maybe they ran on the field doubt helped him become that eleven and two quarterback. Okay for so to the fire like that. But does the next year that he was so good? I don't see how you can ignore. It. I always prefer and thanks for the phone. Call derrick. I always prefer playing to standing on the sidelines with a clipboard, and I know there's examples of both working I get that. I do. But in the end, I prefer guy playing and you would think that him playing that year had something to do with them being eleven to maybe say, for fact that maybe might. Yeah. Yeah. Dismiss it. No. I think. So the eagle's actually have a twenty million dollar. Optional Nick foles for next year. I would imagine that if they whatever course events happen that lead them. So wanting Nick foles be the starting quarterback next year. They would probably rip that up and then sign a different type of contract with a lower number. But I guess the twenty millions there for in case, I don't know. Maybe they when they wrote the contract the intention of pick it up and then flip them to another team. I don't know why they would put a twenty dollars is a lot for one year of Nick foles. But it's big contract is what it is. And that's what he has. Look, I I don't want to rain on anybody's parade. I don't but chances and everybody keeps by the way that percentage changes every time. I hear somebody talk about it. The chances the eagles going into postseason iron thirty nine hundred thirty seven hundred thirty five at one point today. What changed with Carolinas? But I heard all those numbers before the Carolina game. I don't know. I don't even know what percentage is at the moment. Thirty nine according to fivethirtyeight, it's thirty nine percent. But. I really I hate saying stuff. Like this goes. Yeah. Obviously, I would want it to happen. But since people are putting a percentage on eagle chances are gone to the playoffs, and that percentage is thirty nine Mike. What would that percentage be of the eagles under Nick foles winning another Super Bowl? One. That was really quick work. Mike, I'm looking right at it. Why there is what? Somebody's asking figuring that out fivethirtyeight dot com. Yeah. That's what they do. And specifically would false quarterb doesn't matter. Well, the chances of winning another Super Bowl a one percent, regardless of who is. Yeah. So it's New Orleans thirty to Kansas City seventeen. There's of teams between five and ten which include the patriots ramps chargers. Steelers and bears. Houston's couple more teams than the eagles are. Yeah. So my man it was good call. I'm glad you decided to get involved with the program. But that scenario the chances of that happening before Mike even told me this one percent, I taught one percent might even be high..

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