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October heating of any effort by trump to press Ukraine to investigate by name he said that vice president Biden was never a topic of discussion but other people have tried to claim that Bulger was one of the people working out Ukrainian of foreign policy then invoke have clashed over what occurred at previous meetings so we'll see what vulgar has to say today bottom line is that none of these people have first hand knowledge what exactly it is that trump wanted the only person who really does presumably someone who's gonna testify tomorrow and that's where all the big headlines again you're listening to mention here I show okay ABC Los Angeles Orange County sixty two Los Angeles just right a ABC news live in local it's four o'clock I'm Liz Warner as two families grieve their murdered children other teenagers at Saugus high school are returning to campus on Tuesday students were allowed to return for the first time since Thursday's deadly shooting they collected backpacks and other items left behind during the panicked evacuation senior Tyler Nelson told KTLA five it's surreal that is scary to walk back in the quad and realize that just a few days ago was a place of fear for students kids will be welcomed back on Wednesday and Thursday for optional therapy and art classes regular classes will resume after the thanksgiving break it's still not clear why a sixteen year old student killed two classmates and wounded three others before turning the gun on himself Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news two guards who were responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself were charged with falsifying prison documents and were allegedly sleeping on the job at a congressional hearing today bureau of prisons director Kathleen hawk Sawyer was asked by senator Lindsey Graham if the F. B. I. believe something criminal relating to EPS dean's death occurred with the case this high profile there's got to be their major malfunction the system are criminal enterprise it foot to allow this to happen so are you looking at both the FBI looking at both the FBI is involved and they are looking criminal enterprise yes consumer safety group has named the worst toys ahead of this holiday season a nerf dart gun ice cream sent a Nickelodeon slime and a plastic Power Rangers Walmart item stopping a safety watchdog list of dangerous toys the Massachusetts nonprofit world against toys causing harm has been doing this for more than forty years and also says a realistic machine gun a pogo trick board a yeti teddy bear and a poll long caterpillar for infants also makes the list but industry trade group representing the toy industry is dismissing the list is misleading and needlessly frightening to parents saying that all toys sold in the U. S. must be more than one hundred rigorous safety testing standards by law I'm Joe Ramsey a Los Angeles man accused of fatally stabbing a taxi driver in the downtown area has been charged with capital murder Victor Daniel Torres is accused of attacking a cabbie near grand and Cesar Chavez avenues last Friday the charges allege the killing occurred during a carjacking and the dean amends Ellen Kristen bell who provide the voices of queen Elsa and princess Anna and Disney's frozen franchise were honored today on the Hollywood walk of fame they both received stars of the famed walk just days before frozen two hits theaters talk radio seven ninety K. A. B. C. sports Lakers face off against Oklahoma City tonight the Chargers lost to Kansas city in Mexico City UCLA beat southern Utah and the Trojans host peppered on waves at Galen center tonight on KABC that's sports on the new home of the Trojans have seen used time for to ABC dependable traffic.

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