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Ham lawyer d visual merchandiser of its day uh how away while making a joke about it is something bill thank you thank you and then i just wanna this is a guy who you cannot for can ask him like what time it is yes without him telling you about like an old lady in eighteen twenty nine who should broader go ahead obvious eight now here's where it gets complicated i i he's like grandpa's simpson yes the the part of this on that i find most impressive his right at the moment here like jesus christ nother story the movies like were fuck and one step ahead of you but we'll get to that seen when we get at seeing right um so you're watching people kinda konta lincoln and try to tell them the story it's almost like it's like a book signing right at borders of people waiting in line to come up be like hey at some might actually you know my brother my brother uh and he's like oh great think so i make it out and his audits again no we saw you at this time and he was like oh he's a nice to me as they actually emep before in ah but so there are two essentially two pairs of people who coming to the scene you've got david yellow and koeman domingo's is to uh union soldiers later costar in selma according to me by the way gradac i mean obviously yellow is becoming historical and rincon domingo's is one of my top like everyone should know who this guy as actors do love him again and crappy tv shows like fear the walking dead he's gonna get good reason it keep up with that all right uh show.

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