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Days I miss you, so can let you go. Almost there. We're all through my love Feel pro pro health happy until three getting you WGN radio. I'm really dreams. And that actually is Bobby Sheen with Bobby socks and the blue jeans and a lot more to have somebody of his workers. And what should I play? And then I don't know why I picked that one. But yeah. How many nights How many days and, Yeah. Jolly Joyce agency. We're just talking about that was a real big deal in Philadelphia. There, bookers and his son Norman, who actually is Norman Jacob's body got known as Norman Joyce did a lot of booking on a lot of those acts so So, Yeah. When, uh, Daddy? Oh, Dan calls us back. We got plenty to talk about. All right, So it was on your mind if it's on mine. And yes, I was mentioned before we get to Jim and Tom and Chuck. That you know, An indefinite stay at home order would make you think that there's less people on the street. And while that's true, Yeah, it's sort of like the myth of gun control. You put in gun control, and the only people who don't have guns or law abiding citizens, right? Because what criminal just by definition is gonna listen to that? Well, the same deal with this stay at home order. As a zoo, the one increase it's not people on the street. It's burglaries. What you've got, unfortunately, is a ton of small businesses. And this is particularly a problem right now in San Francisco, where burglars know that there's nobody on the street to watch him. And you see, you know, you might say this is penny ante stuff. There's a small stuff, but you're seeing, you know, like 10 grand a pop in damages. Sometimes it's not necessarily what you steal. It's what your break to get in there, and restaurants in particular neighborhood restaurants are are really being victimized by by this And apparently, the statistics are other losing about $50,000 per restaurant per month in terms of damages, and that is just huge. On top of, of course, the loss business so Yeah. The law of unintended consequences Strikes again, and Jim is in ST Petersburg. Welcome to WGN Radio Jim. A lot of rally. What's up with you again? Yeah. What you've been doing has been, uh I don't know what put this in my head, but I got a question about Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. I seem to remember that they didn't do wet and it was a big hit. But for some reason I can't recall with the name of this song is so open. You would Kenny and Dottie. I'm trying to think what the I can I Yeah, I think they absolutely did. Like every time Two fools collide was probably the biggest. But anyone who isn't isn't me tonight. Those air a couple. All I ever need is you They did a lot of them. Well, I can't recall them it in the name of this long but for some reason that popped into my head. I mean, it was a long time ago. Yeah, just is in the side. I wanted to let you know, I tried calling 88 88 Rally and Horizon tells me to call Can't be completed. When did that? I don't know if you do that. Well, no. Did that happen tonight? No, no, All right, but knew that you know that That is That is a problem with the interface with the new phone system, And in fact, we're going to replace it and see what we can do. Let me know when that happens if you can ever jot down time and stuff like that, because I'm also logging the calls, You know, computerized in terms of seeing what is going on with equipment. And it has to do with the interface between the 88, the V O I. P company and and the high words which were using to get you on the air, and it's not Verizon and it's not you. It's It's all my fault. And so well, not me directly. Yeah, blank. Blame me. But you know, you mentioned Dottie. Well, I was gonna say you mentioned Dottie West. I actually have a favorite Dottie West record. And it's one that wasn't that big a country hit. But am I that easy to forget? And it's just a wonderful little song. And so she did a lot of great stuff. And everybody thinks of his hard core country. And, of course, to a degree, she woz, But she also did. Ah, just a lot of nice stuff. Maybe for the duet with Kenny, You're thinking of what are we doing in love? That was their last number one? I think it might be it. Yeah, that was 1981. Okay? Listen, I wanted to second Change remarks about the Wildwood I used. I had a lot of good times down there. Jersey. Yeah. Wildwood Days. Absolutely. To quote Bobby right now, Jake Manning. Sure. Sure you bet you In fact, we're gonna have to have silly because on 11 Monday night he's a local entertainer to the shore and and the Philadelphia area who's done just a ton of great songs about it. Listen, I know that you have A new interview with Jerry blabbing on your archives, and we'll have we'll have him on against you. Absolutely. In fact, John talks about it often and I will. I will definitely rattled Jerry's cage and have him on any Monday night. He wants Yeah, I think that would be a great show. Yeah, Yeah. Jerry is one of my faith. Yes, absolutely..

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