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Shit, elastic guy. And she's like about quit. She's basically inside of this hollow bullet that's like going to hit the earth. She's phasing the bullet so that it does not hit the earth. So she's like losing consciousness, but she's like also communicating with Emma frost who sort of like mortal enemy and she's like, oh, you surprised. And she's like astonishment pride, and that's like the titular thing. And it's so cheesy, but I love it a fucking comic opera, right? Like you get away with in a comic that is particular to that medium and to, I mean, even upright and so, but like you get to be bigger than life too. Space is at a premium. Yeah, has not a lot of real have to sort of. Yeah, you have to eat longest thing. Yeah, and that is I remember that now. Yeah, that's an amazing moment. Yeah. And then also sometimes like if you're just really fucking good at that cares still satisfy national. Yeah. That scene that you're describing in beautiful creatures does in a way that I don't think anything else in this book that was the most and this entire. The moment where I cared about what was going to carry. Yeah, yeah. I was like, oh, I'm genuinely feeling something for Ethan right now, I'm genuinely scared that he's going to jump off this building and and seen the Dow lying about the dinner table. But he's just. Which is why I didn't remember his forgetful. But I think link is also a great character such like he's a funny likeable and not very deep character, but he's well drawn. So you like him and then you get hit with the scene where his given death all of a sudden. Yeah, and he really, oh, this matters. Yeah. Yeah, his character matters not just as like a best friend yet, but to the story, totally really well to rip Ridley like and not as so like crossing similar thing. We're just seems like shallow. Yeah, you get this cordelia it's definitely and it's it's the moment when cordelia and I'm thinking specifically a when Buffy had that shit fucking day and everyone's being shitty to her and angels ethnic season. Two angels been terrorizing her and whatever. And cordelia comes in like says something bitchy to to Buffy and then Buffy is, can you give me your home? And she's like, of course, and. Where you're like, there's a human here. Yeah, I also really like another very similar cordelia Buffy moment episode, one of season two when Buffy being giant pit. When she was deals like this isn't a good look for you. This is my thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, totally. So I, I liked this. We then we're like, okay, it isn't just like the bad girl that rolls in convertible and silly jock. Yeah, I. So that reminds me of what I wanted to say, why are all the girls so trashy? Because. Because. Soda trash, but like they're also super Christian. So wouldn't they be more like cardigan now? The, but to not break fucking Hyman is like dots like the version of their outfits. I feel like that actually belongs with the cardigans type and with them just straight up have sex. I'm just like picturing it's like similar to sharp objects, like the people that live in that town are like like whole? Yeah, holier than thou, but like dress like seal. It's just like it's those camisoles where the bra is also showing and the skirts so short. I'm just wondering if this was an artist choice mooring novel. I won't take taken from the novel because then when you watch the movie, not like that at all. We'll also this was two thousand nine that look was end that's true in look like skanky trashy look was like in..

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